Man arrested after hitting Sacramento mayor in face with pie at charity event

Story by Fox News

Sacramento, CA (FOX NEWS) – A man was arrested Wednesday night after shoving a pie in the face of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson at a charity dinner. Johnson, who had a long career as an NBA All-Star with the Phoenix Suns and a brief stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers before becoming mayor, has about two months left as mayor after deciding not to seek a third term.

  • Sean Thompson, 32, was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a public official, which is a felony, the Sacramento Police Department said.
  • The mayor had given a speech at the Seeds of HOPE dinner at Sacramento Charter High School before the man came up, pulled the pie from a bag, grabbed Johnson and shoved it into his face.
  • According to the East Bay Express, Johnson tackled Thompson and “repeatedly” punched him in the face landing “five to 10” blows.
  • A witness told the East Bay Express that the protester was hit multiple times.
  • The mayor tweeted that he’s “doing fine” and added, “Thank you to Sac PD for being there.”
  • “The mayor was assaulted. I was standing right there and I’m still pretty shaken up,” Strait said, speaking some three hours after it happened.
  • Thompson was treated for a minor injury before he was booked into jail.
  • Johnson’s signature achievement in office was getting a $500 million arena built for the city’s NBA team the Sacramento Kings.
  • His final two years in office were marked by the re-emergence of a decades-old claim of sexual abuse from a woman who was a teenager at the time, when Johnson played for the Suns.
  • The Phoenix Police Department investigated but did not file charges.
  • Johnson has both denied the allegations and denied that they had anything to do with his decision to leave office.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.