Couple suing Davidson and Pennsylvania for $100k following crash in 2015

Disgraced Delaware County State Representative is due in court Friday for crashing a taxpayer-funded car and fleeing the scene of the accident without a driver’s license.

Davidson is also due in court twice in April for two additional accidents with the vehicle; one just under a month ago and the second dating back to 2015.

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Newly obtained court documents show Davidson’s foul-play with the taxpayer-funded vehicle dates back several years.

A suit filed against Davidson and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania alleges Davidson plowed into Melita Webb’s vehicle at approximately 4:30 p.m. on September 1, 2015.

The suit states Webb was traveling south on Lansdowne Avenue near the area of Fairview Avenue and came to a stop for traffic when Davidson plowed into her vehicle from behind.

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As a result to injuries that may be “permanent in nature,” Melita and her husband Ethan Webb are asking Davidson and the Commonwealth dish out $100,000, plus costs, interest and damages for delay.

They are due back in April 13th.

This marks the third accident where Davidson is at fault in this specific vehicle and the second time she rear ended a woman with the car that is supposed to be used solely for work.

According to the State of Pennsylvania, Davidson will not be given another government vehicle again.

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