Meek Mill attends Innocence Gala at Times Square

In the nearly two weeks since Meek Mill was released on bail from a state prison in Pennsylvania, the rapper has found little time to himself: He was celebrated courtside at two Philadelphia 76ers games, held a news conference with the governor and state lawmakers, and continued filming an Amazon docuseries chronicling his ongoing journey through the criminal justice system.

He was just spotted at The Innocence Gala at the Sheraton Hotel in Times Square alongside Tony Wright, who endured two trials and 25 years in prison before a jury found him not guilty of the 1991 rape and murder of an elderly woman in Philadelphia, becoming the 344th DNA exonerate in the nation on August 23, 2016.

Sources can’t confirm if Meek plans on speaking at the event.

.@MeekMill talks with @innocence Project Founder Barry Scheck @barryscheck at the Innocence Project annual gala #MeekMill