Private investigator Scott Ross (left) and Tom Mesereau (right).
Private investigator Scott Ross (left) and Tom Mesereau (right).

In a world exclusive, Tom Mesereau – former attorney for the comic icon Bill Cosby – is set to appear on “All Things P.I.” — a Los Angeles based radio show tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. pacific (noon eastern standard time) to discuss for the first time ever what happened inside the Cosby trial!

This marks the first public conversation with Mesereau about Bill Cosby, where both Ross and Mesereau are expected to take phone calls from listeners who will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Mesereau, who is based in Los Angeles, has been involved in several celebrity cases, including the murder trial and acquittal of actor Robert Blake and Michael Jackson, although he also does pro bono work in capital cases in the South.

The show will air on KCAA Radio and you could stream it live on – according to Ross, there will also be a live video feed from the studio.

Next week’s episode will feature Harland Braun who will speak out about his client Roman Polanski.