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YC is an American national news agency headquartered in Philadelphia that operates as a cooperative. Our mission is to organize the information provided to us by people and organizations around the world, thus making it universally accessible and useful to readers, students, professors, researchers and of course the curious general public.

We give students the opportunity to build an interactive resume that is updated throughout their college career, simply by contributing content to our platform. Students who join our community during their freshman year in college have an extraordinary opportunity to do extraordinary things. Throughout four semesters, students create articles and network with major power players in the media industry to line up amazing internships and potential careers following graduation.

YC delivers the news and perspective you need without the hype and bias usual to many news sources – making us your source for unbiased news and analysis covering and summarizing the top stories from around the world, separating ourselves from novel-style articles pumped with opinions from the writer or network. No agenda involved, our goal is to fuel expressive conversations by underlining several sides to every story – with an editorial team consisting of individuals with persistent curiosity and a passion in media.

Fueled by students and ignited by millennials – YC is vastly becoming the “go-to” source for the latest news, politics, entertainment, style, comedy and satirical features. Through recruiting, training and mobilizing people, YC presents an opportunity for ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

We are proud to be the largest millennial newsgathering cooperative in the nation, with students mobilized in cities around the country. We have three branches of which our content is generated: YC Contributors, Paid and Source.

YC Contributors

Our writers and contributors that work with YC directly are unpaid individuals from various different colleges and universities throughout the world. Why would anyone make write for free, at a place that pays other contributors? The answer is simple. We recruit individuals who share a passion for writing and sending the word out to people that would get them equally as intrigued in the content as the writer. Additionally, our contributors have no daily hours, no deadlines, no late nights, no weekends. They simply write on their own time, so it doesn’t affect their academic work, personal life or their job.

Furthermore, there remain nearly one hundred contributors to YC who do so for no other reason than they want exposure. Rather than taking a message they would’ve put on Facebook to share with their friends, they’d rather share it with the world to potentially get their message out to millions of people.

Paid Content

The second portion of our news comes from “content aggregation.” Here’s a simple explanation on how that works. We run AP and Reuters content on our site. We pay for that, as everyone else does, and are entitled to use it.

The Source Directly

Our editorial department receives emails from reporters, editors, publishers, publicists and government agencies 24/7/365. The newsroom never sleeps, and hardly ever has a moment of silence. On a daily basis, our editors are briefed with the latest news and stories directly from officials working at The White House, Department of State, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), The United States Attorneys Office & Department of Justice (DOJ), Secret Service, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and various other agencies.

White House Press

YC is the youngest news network in the White House with access to cover the President, Vice President and the cabinet members. Furthermore, we were by far the youngest reporters on site at the campaign rallies in 2015 & 2016 with direct access to the candidates and their camps. When it comes to White House coverage, we have a strict policy to report exactly what goes on in the West Wing, Air Force One, The Briefing Room, Executive Meetings and anywhere else the President or Vice President of the United States travel. We deliver the unbiased coverage and let the reader create their own opinion, rather than drowning them in ours.

On a daily basis, we receive messages from different White House poolers when we are unable to be on location and incase we miss something when we are on location. These organizations include but are not limited to, the following:

  • ABC News
  • BBC
  • Bloomberg
  • Buzzfeed
  • C-SPAN
  • CBS News
  • CNN
  • Fox News
  • LA Times
  • Politico
  • Rolling Stone
  • The Atlantic
  • The Chicago Tribune
  • The Guardian
  • The New York Times
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Washington Post
  • Time
  • Univision
  • USA Today

Movies & Television

When it comes to the film aspect of the site, our entertainment department receives emails and communicates directly with the studios that produce the film. Studios ask YC to distribute editorial content to our readers about their upcoming projects, films, television series and film festivals. These organizations include but are not limited to, the following:

  • 20th Century Fox
  • Allied Integrated Marketing
  • Columbia Pictures
  • Dimension Films
  • Lionsgate
  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (MGM)
  • Paramount Pictures
  • Pixar
  • Sony Pictures
  • Summit Entertainment
  • United Artists
  • Universal Pictures
  • Walt Disney Studios
  • Warner Brothers

A large portion of content on YC comes directly from the source or student correspondents who are researching the topic to get both sides to every story. All day long, our editorial department receives emails from reporters, editors, publishes, publicists and government agencies.

When it comes to delivering the news, we work closely with a number of organizations to ensure we provide the most accurate reports to our viewers and readers.

Office of the Director

Editor-in-Chief & Executive Director: Nik Tzimas Hatziefstathiou (director@YC.news)
National Assignment Editor & Director of Public Relations:
Anthony Loro (anthony@YC.news)
Deputy Managing EditorAccepting Resumes: Kevin Svenson (kevin@YC.news)

Managing Editor – Los Angeles: Andrew Mendolia (andrew@YC.news)
Chief of Staff to the Executive Director
Managing Editor & Film Director – Los Angeles: Kevin Svenson (kevin@YC.news)
Secretary of Universities: Position Filled
Diplomat of Statewide Affairs: Position Filled 
National Brand Ambassador: Alexander Swanson


Producer: Nik Hatziefstathiou 
Senior Producer:
Kevin Svenson
Scheduling & Talent Coordinator: Dimitri Evangelopoulos (dimitri@YC.news)
Shawn Cooper
Camera: Ralph Salamone
Camera: John Egan

Capitol Hill Correspondents

White House Correspondent (POTUS): Nik Tzimas Hatziefstathiou
twitter: @nikthehat | instagram: @nikthehat
White House Correspondent (VPOTUS): Anthony Loro 
United States Senate Correspondent: Accepting Resumes
United States Congress Correspondent: Accepting Resumes
Department of State CorrespondentAccepting Resumes
Department of Justice Correspondent: Accepting Resumes
United Nations Correspondent: Accepting Resumes (New York Internship)

Please see Frequently Asked Questions regarding all positions that are vacant prior to applying. Currently, there are no paid positions at YC.

University Field Offices

Do you have a confidential news tip?


Temple University

Drexel University

Arizona State University

Penn State University

Alabama State University

Coastal Carolina University

West Virginia University

University of Tampa

Texas State University

University of Califonia Los Angeles

Georgetown University

New York University 

What if I want to sue YC?

Please do not do that. The First Amendment protects YC.news as a form of free speech and expression. Please note, The Newsie is also protected as satire is a form of free speech and expression under the First Amendment — The Newsie uses invented names in all of its stories, except in cases where public figures are being satirized. The Newsie is not intended for readers under 18 years of age. You could also refer to our Terms & Conditions for additional information.


No, The Newsie does not accept outside submissions of any kind. We will not respond to any unsolicited submissions for this section of our news network. Although your parents told you anything is possible if you set your heart to it, this unfortunately is not.


The Newsie is the satirical section of YC that is made up of satire. What is satire? This coverage is basically non-existent events. The Newsie uses invented names in all of its stories, except in cases where public figures are being satirized. Any other use of real names is accidental and coincidental.