Thursday, May 28, 2020
Thursday, May 28, 2020

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Connecticut Killer Peter Manfredonia Believed to be in Hagerstown, Maryland: State Police

UCONN killer Peter Manfredonia may be in Maryland, according to the authorities. The revelation surfaced after Manfredonia outran 3 states.

Girls Across US Ask Connecticut Killer Peter Manfredonia to Come Over During Quarantine

Girls are begging the serial killer to visit them on his journey: ‘The back door is open boo boo.’

People Scream ‘Is He Alive’ as Man Appears UNCONSCIOUSNESS During Heated George Floyd Protest

MINNEAPOLIS protesters are not going down without a fight — and it appears a protester is down.

Pennsylvania: 2 Bodies Discovered in Carbon County Home Amid Massive Multi-State Manhunt

Police in Carbon County, Pennsylvania are on the scene where two bodies were discovered in a home Tuesday afternoon.

‘Queen’ Guitarist Brian May, 72, Rushed to Hospital After Apparent Heart Attack

Queen's lead guitarist said doctors found he had three blocked arteries after he felt pain in his chest that lasted about 40...

Connecticut Killer Peter Manfredonia Compares Himself to Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza

The killer left a chilling message on the wall of his apartment comparing his situation to the one of crazed Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter Adam Lanza.

US and China Nearing ‘Brink of New Cold War’ Chinese Foreign Minister Claims

The U.S. and China are on the brink of a new Cold War, the new Chinese foreign minister declared Sunday morning.

Photog Slams Groom of Dead Bride: ‘I Hope You Cry All Day for What Would’ve Been Your Wedding’

A wedding photographer slammed a groom after he requested a refund due to the death of his soon-to-be wife only to be scolded.


Connecticut Killer Peter Manfredonia CAPTURED in Maryland Following Massive 4-State Manhunt

The Connecticut killer was captured by Hagerstown Police Department after it was told he was headed there in an Uber.

Connecticut Killer Peter Manfredonia Squatting? Home Vandalized by NY Border: ‘You Better Run’

Crazed Connecticut killer might've left additional clues on the wall of a second home in the midst of a massive multi-state manhunt.
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UCONN Killer Peter Manfredonia Takes SECOND Uber from Pennsylvania journeying to Maryland

Police in four states are stunned after finding out Connecticut killer Peter Manfredonia has been using Uber on his deadly journey.

JUST IN: Connecticut Killer Peter Manfredonia Caught on Camera Purchasing Stuff from Sheetz

CONNECTICUT killer Peter Manfredonia stopped at Sheetz in Pennsylvania to purchase items before his journey to Maryland Wednesday.
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