Tuesday, December 10, 2019

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Woman dodged stray bullet while playing with granddaughter

Grandmother dodges stray bullet while playing with granddaughter in Chester City home; suffers from sharp cut to the face.

Police find stolen Christmas gifts in backyard of home

COLLINGDALE, Pa. (YC) -- Police in Collingdale, Delaware County, took to Facebook Wednesday to announce that they found gifts. According to police, several Christmas gifts...

Nearly 30 Shots Fired; Chester City Man Gunned Down

CHESTER CITY, Pa. (YC) -- Chester City Police are on the scene of a shooting after nearly 3 dozen shots were fired. Preliminary reports indicate...

Upper Darby man pistol whipped after refusing to be robbed

Upper Darby man refused to be robbed by a man with a gun Tuesday; got pistol whipped.

DelCo GameStop employees held at gunpoint in back room

Workers in a Delaware County GameStop held in back room at gunpoint as robbers steal merchandise & cash.

Juvenile gunned down in Philadelphia Chinese food store

Philadelphia Police are investigating a shooting that left a young man in critical condition Tuesday night.

Chester Police hear several shots; respond to 3rd shooting of the night

CHESTER CITY, Pa. (YC) -- Chester City Police are on the scene of the third shooting of the night. Police on patrol hears over a...

Chester City Police hear shots fired as students exit high school

Students from Chester High School were leaving just as patrol officers heard several shots being fired nearby.

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