MIAMI, Fl. – Hurricane Harvey may have forced Coldplay to cancel its concert in Houston last week, but the city is clearly on the band's mind. Coldplay had a concert at the Hard Rock Stadium Monday night where nearly 65,000 fans attended the show. The band performed a song in honor...
Hollywood effectively took the weekend off, resulting in the most dismal box-office result in 16 years.
The Los Angeles County coroner's office says Tobe Hooper died Saturday in the Sherman Oaks area of Los Angeles.
A parole hearing for former football star O.J. Simpson, serving time in a Nevada prison for a 2008 robbery and kidnapping conviction, has been set for July 20. Simpson, famously acquitted in a sensational double-murder trial that gripped America two decades ago, was sentenced to as much as 33 years in prison.
Bill Cosby will walk free, according to a number of sources who observed jurors and their reactions. Andrea Constand's testimony brought nothing but reasonable doubt.
Cosby's defense raised questions regarding Andrea Constand's pattern of contradicting prior sworn statements and testimonies throughout the duration of the Cosby trial. Get the complete rundown here.
Montgomery County, Pa. (YC) – Cosby's legal team arrived at the Montgomery County Court House just before 8:30 a.m. Monday. Cosby arrived at 8:34 a.m. accompanied by his wife, Camille Cosby. The prosecution rested their case on Friday. The defense will begin today. Attorneys have not commented on whether Cosby will testify.
Katy Perry is ready to bury the hatchet on her long-running feud with pop rival Taylor Swift, calling her a "fantastic songwriter" and saying she thinks both can be examples of strong women in the music industry.
Defense attorney Brian McMonagle cross examined a key player in the Cosby case in just 15 minutes - feeding jurors reasonable doubt on Constand.
Defense attorneys drowned the jury in reasonable doubt on the day two of the trial - where chief Cosby accuser contradicted her 2005 report to authorities.