Bruce Rogal of Chester County shot and killed his elderly parents in their nursing home Wednesday. (

Chester County killer dies while rushing back to crime scene

Batty Bruce Rogal of Glen Moore, Chester County, unsuccessfully shot at his ex-wife six times Wednesday night before driving to his elderly parent’s nursing home and mercilessly murdering...

BUSTED! Man sought for killing elderly parents dead after gunfight

Bruce Rogal, 49, is dead after opening fire at local and state police early this morning when they spotted the wanted killer and gave chase, could...
Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele's dad was kept 'in the loop' during the trial.

Bill Cosby prosecutors kept district attorney’s dad ‘in the loop’

Just as Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele was in the courtroom prosecuting perhaps the most high-profile case to ever step foot in a county courtroom, his...

TWIST! Car used in Tibbetts’ abduction and murder owned by wealthy local

The owner of the infamous black Malibu used in the murder of 20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts has been identified.

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