The Supreme Court has removed an obstacle to Alabama's efforts to execute a convicted killer.
Pa. recently hosted a delegation of prison officials from Norway to provide an opportunity to tour Pennsylvania prisons and exchange ideas on prison reform.
Police shot an armed man Sunday afternoon at the King of Prussia Mall, according to reports.
Thomas J. Spota, the Suffolk County District Attorney & Christopher McPartland, the Chief of Investigations and Chief of the Government Corruption Bureau charged for corruption.
After decades of waiting to know what happened to their relative, Tampa Police officials told the family that they found a DNA match in a jawbone found in 1986. Brenda Williams, a young mother of two, went missing in 1978.
A federal appellate judge hearing arguments Tuesday in Chicago about whether investigators coerced a confession from a Wisconsin inmate featured in the "Making a Murderer.”
The Latest on oral arguments in the appeal of an inmate featured in the "Making a Murderer" series.
The evidence against an Ohio man accused of killing three down-and-out men lured by fake Craigslist job offers wasn't strong enough to convict him, according to attorneys.
Rashan Lemar DeJarnette, 22, 100 block of Worrell Street in Chester, is charged with various gun-related charges including firearm ownership and providing false information, sales to ineligible transferee, all felonies of the third degree.
Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan, Chester Police Commissioner Otis Blair and Chief James E. Nolan IV announced murder charges against a man.