Toddler calls police, asks they bring him McDonalds. Cop says OK.

© McDonalds A 5-year-old Michigan boy had a craving for McDonald’s but his grandmother was sleeping so he called 911 and...
Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center. (YC.NEWS PHOTO/SHAWN COOPER)

Harrisburg club to offer patrons date rape drug test kits with each drink following...

Following a bombshell exclusive that took the internet by storm after nearly two-dozen men and women allege a Harrisburg based nightclub was a 'drug infested rape den' — the club announced it will now offer date rape drug test kits for patrons!

30-year-old leaves parents’ home with help from Alex Jones

The 30-year-old man whose eviction from his parents' suburban home drew national attention finally left Friday.

Man walking home from train station followed by pig

Police in a Cleveland suburb thought they had a drunk on their hands when a man called to report a pig following him home.

Iowa man says his dog shot him while they were playing

An Iowa man says his dog inadvertently shot him while they were roughhousing Wednesday.

Ohio couple awakens to find stranger asleep on couch

Authorities say a couple in Ohio was startled to find a stranger who had helped himself to leftover Easter candy and then fell asleep on the couch.

Man involved in would-be arson forgets lighter; winds up wanted by police

Philadelphia Police are seeking the public's assistance in tracking down a man wanted for attempted arson .. although, the suspect forgot to add a lighter to his checklist.

Dead man walking: Court rejects Romanian’s claim he’s alive

How did a Romanian court reject a man’s claim that he’s alive, after he was officially registered as deceased? The story is among the oddest of oddities.

Police in Pennsylvania go back-and-forth with suspect on Facebook post

Police in Wilkes-Barre Township took to Facebook Wednesday night to alert people on how to identify a police vehicle during a traffic stop. These instructions came after police...
An alleged intoxicated driver made his way onto the runway at the Philadelphia International Airport Sunday morning (YC.NEWS PHOTO/NIK HATZIEFSTATHIOU)

Driver flies through Philadelphia Airport gate reaching the runway

An alleged intoxicated driver drove through the Philadelphia Airport gate, making his way onto the runway.

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