President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania later today to discuss his tax plan and support Republican candidates in Pennsylvania.
President Donald Trump on Thursday pledged “total support” for a Pennsylvania lawmaker trying to keep a House seat in Republican hands in the first congressional race of the year, tweeting his endorsement hours before visiting the state.
Several bystanders were invited to meet President Trump at Mar-a-Lago Sunday afternoon.
The new year has brought a number of new faces to the Delaware County minor judiciary.
The Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2, on party lines, Thursday to unravel sweeping net-neutrality rules that guaranteed equal access to the internet.
San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee died suddenly early Tuesday morning, city officials said.
Statement from President Donald J. Trump regarding the California wildfires.
One would think armed robbers are lobbying Philadelphia politicians after a controversial bill passes a committee.
Not everyone is happy with them or the method used to determine the winner; using colored pens and coin tosses to determine winner.
Statement from President Donald J. Trump on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.