What part will you play in the media department?

Young Constituents is in the process of significantly expanding its media coverage. We’re looking for staff writers with a passion for politics, courts, and entertainment among other departments. Please note: Applicants and members of our media department at not eligible to work on the political division of Young Constituents.

Our writers should thrive on news — breaking stories, finding quirky sidebars hidden in files or documents, pulling out that most interesting nugget from an otherwise dull press conference. We’ll be looking for someone able to write several quick-turn pieces a month.

But this writer should also have experience writing about in general — and know how to make it interesting for a mass audience. We’re looking for journalists who prize source developments and deep reporting. Most importantly, we want writers who are excited (and maybe a little bit scared) about the way that these stories permeate all of our lives – and want to find a new way to tell those stories.

What will you be doing?

  • Covering breaking news
  • Discovering the most important and interesting stories of the day
  • Translating wonky news and stories for a mass audience
  • Crafting amazing headlines
  • Collaborating with teams large and small to assist the growing Young Constituents newsroom.
  • Intense attention to detail.

What do we need from you?

  • Ideal candidates will have 1-2 years of writing and reporting experience or are currently enrolled in college.
  • Strong research, interviewing and writing skills.
  • Knowledge of the department they select and a keen interest in deepening it.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work in a fast high-pressure environment.
  • These positions are at-home/on-campus based. You will not be based out of a field office. However, shall one open on your campus, you will be first pick to manage the local division.

» Media Qualifications

We have a competitive acceptance process given the number of applicants who have expressed interest in joining Young Constituents after the recent election.

General Qualifications for Staff Writers

  • Must be able to present a minimum of two (2) articles a month to your departmental editor.
  • Must be able to attend one bi-monthly meeting (you will have four opportunities to attend the meeting – this is essential for us to accommodate your academic and/or work schedule).

Preferred Qualifications

Although these are not required, the candidates who get first consideration are those that:

  • Are currently enrolled in college or have taken writing courses in the past with the interest of entering the field of journalist or news & communications.
  • Have social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).
  • Are able to contribute more than the minimum required articles per month.

» Political Analysts (Department of Politics)

Political Analysts at Young Constitutions is someone who follows local, statewide & national political races to create pieces about on our website. They research for facts about the candidate — however, political affiliation at Young Constituents is not taken into consideration. We don’t care about what party they represent, we only care about gathering facts, both good & bad. YC does not publish bias stories. Regardless of your political affiliation, you must set that aside for this position. Candidates will need strong communication skills, both verbal and written, strong computer skills including Microsoft office suite, internet and online research skills are important for success in the position.

» Additional Qualifications for Political Staff Writers

  • Political involvement or ability to attend local political functions and press conferences.
  • General understanding of politics and how they work. If you’ve taken or are currently taking political science, please mention that!


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