SkyGarten: Hit or miss for the weekend getaway

The hype is real. People are raving over the new SkyGarten which stands 50 floors high overlooking Philadelphia. We outline the place & you could decide if it’s something worth checking out. Check out the pros & cons about the beer garden 51 stories high!


  • Great view of the city
  • Average priced bar-food (Wings $9, Burger $8, Bratwurst Sandwich $8, Pretzel Sticks $6, & more)
  • World’s highest beer garden (51st floor)
  • Prime location in the heart of Philadelphia
  • Great selfies given you’re 51 floors up


  • Not good for the wild drunk type — keep in mind you’re 51 stories high
  • Ladies, keep your skirts & dresses at home. It can get pretty windy up there
  • According to a known Yelp reviewer — average 6oz beer runs $8
  • Unless they have great crowd control, this place may be making national news when a drunk plummets down a few thousand feet