Saturday, October 24, 2020
Saturday, October 24, 2020

Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato bring the Pulse Nightclub staff out to their concert

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Orlando, Florida — Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato took center-stage at the Amway Center inviting around 30 staffers from Pulse to Saturday night’s show. Before taking the stage, Demi and Nick met with staff members who survived the June 12 massacre at the popular gay club.
  • Roughly 30 staff members were invited to spend the night with the duo
  • They were hooked up with a private suite with a bird’s-eye view
  • They were invited to meet Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato after the show
  • Projected behind the singers was the name “Orlando” in the rainbow colors
  • They invited a member of their show, Hank, to lead everyone in a prayer for the victims of the shooting, which left 49 dead and 59 others injured
  • “I want to invite you to join us in praying to whatever God is to you,” Hank stated, asking the crowd to “pray together so we can heal together”
  • Jonas introduced surprise guest Andra Day which performed a song called “Rise Up”
  • While performing with Andra, the names and ages of the Pulse shooting victims and Christina Grimmie scrolled behind them
  • The crowd of 10,000-fans chanted, “Orlando! Orlando!”
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