Saturday, February 24, 2024
Saturday, February 24, 2024
Saturday, February 24, 2024

Breaking: The Statue of Liberty is a man — yet another secret the United States Government didn’t & tell us




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Sources say that the Statue of Liberty is in-fact, a man. 130-years later, the truth has finally prevailed. It’s becoming the new American trend — we find out the truth many, many, many years later (for example, exonerations are skyrocketing compared to other years).


  • A new theory suggests the sculptor who created the Statue of Liberty may have used his brother as the template, rather than his mother
  • The idea will be featured on a new series “Secrets of America’s Favorite Places” on Discovery Family Channel this Sunday
  • “As I was looking at it more carefully, the structure of the face isn’t really the same. His mother has more arched eyebrows, has a thinner nose, has thunder lips, even in her youth. And he was a bust-maker .. and was known for his accuracy” Elizabeth Mitchell, and author and journalist, told the New York Post
  • “Going through photos he had in his files of his brother, I started to look at the face more carefully, and it really did look to be like Liberty. His brother in his adult years had actually gone mad, and it was Bartholdi’s (the creator of the statue) task to go once a week to visit, sometimes spending hours just staring at his brother, who was not speaking.” Mitchell added in her statement to the New York Post
  • Although it is commonly assumed to have been Bartholdi’s mother, experts say they have no records and can only rely on speculation from the time as he did not give us an instruction manual/information packet with the gift when it was delivered in 1886


  • Philadelphia Paid for the Head of the Statue of Liberty
  • The statue’s torch was exhibited in Philadelphia & the statue almost ended up there
  • The torch was exhibited at the 1876 world’s fair in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia; fairgoers paid admission to climb up into the torch and take in the view from the top. With the money raised at the fair, Bartholdi finally had enough capital to build the statue’s head
  • He considered giving the statue to Philadelphia instead of New York after being pleased with Philadelphia’s reception to the statue
  • Thomas Edison once had plans to make the statue talk (thankfully, no one pursued that strange concept which would have led to the odd experience of walking in New York and suddenly hearing the Statue of Liberty “talking.”)

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