Sunday, January 22, 2023
Sunday, January 22, 2023

    FBI recommends no charges against Hillary Clinton

    FBI: We will be recommending that no charges be brought against Hillary Clinton, as she might've made mistakes that were unintentional

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    FBI Director James Comey said Tuesday that he would not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton of private email servers, while secretary of state. According to some, this lifted a huge shadow hovering over her presidential campaign — to others, they’re calling it a coverup and a huge flaw in the Criminal Justice System. Green indicates what Hillary Clinton has said on film & red depicts what the FBI stated at their press conference on July 5 at the Federal Bureau of Investigation Headquarters.
    • At a press conference with the Federal Bureau of Investigation on July 5, they stated that Hillary Clinton sent or received more than 100 emails over a private server while secretary of state
    • The emails contained information that was classified when it was sent
    • “Although we did not find clear evidence that Sec. Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of the classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information,” FBI Director James Comey
    • Comey said he will make a recommendation that the Justice Department should not prosecute Clinton
    • Comey shared findings from the investigation that undermine part of the story Clinton told for the past year
    • Clinton remained stern that she didn’t send or receive anything marked classified at the time they were sent
    • “I never received nor sent any material that was marked classified,” Clinton stated July 2, after Clinton was interviewed by the FBI
    • The FBI found 110 emails in 52 email chains that contained information that was classified at the time it was sent or received
    • 8 chains contained top secret information, the highest level of classification
    • 36 chains contained secret information, and the remaining 8 contained confidential information
    • Clinton said she turned over all work-related emails to the State Department in 2014, about 30,000 emails
    • That is not the case, based now what Comey stated as he mentioned the FBI investigators uncovered several thousand work-related emails that she had not handed over to the State Department, 3 of which were classified at the time they were sent
    •  Investigators stated that there is no evidence to suggest Clinton or her staff delete these emails in an attempt to conceal them
    • They might’ve been deleted them when sorting work-related emails from personal emails
    • Clinton stated her staff deleted the personal emails
    • “As the secretary has long said, it was a mistake to use her personal email and she would not do it again. We are glad that this matter is now resolved,” Comey noted
    • “I did not email any classified material to anyone. There is no classified material”
    • “110 emails in 52 email chains have been determined by the owning agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent or received”
    • “I provided all my emails that could possibly be work related”
    • “Several thousand work related emails that were not among the group of 30,000 returned by Secretary Clinton”
    • “I thought using one device would be easier”
    • “She also used numerous mobile devices to send or receive email”
    • “It was my practice to communicate with State Department and other government officials on their .gov accounts”
    • “It is possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s to the private commercial email accounts of people with whom Secretary Clinton was in regular contact from her personal account”
    • “No doubt that we’ve done what we should’ve done”
    • “They were extremely careless in their handling in very sensitive highly classified information”
    • “People will be able to judge for themselves”
    • “We cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts”
    • “To be clear this is not to suggest that in similar circumstances a person who engaged in this activity would face no consequences”
    • “Americans will find that you know interesting and I look forward to having a discussion about that”

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