Tuesday, January 31, 2023
Tuesday, January 31, 2023

    West Virginia University approves tuition increase including housing and meal plans

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    Tuition and fees are going up at West Virginia University in the fall. The Dominion Post reported that resident undergraduate tuition and fees will increase 4.7 percent on the Morgantown campus to about $4,000 per semester, while nonresidents will pay 4.9 percent more to $11,244

    • Tuition & fees are going up at West Virginia University this fal
    • The increase was approved by the university Board of Governors on Friday
    • The Dominion Post reports that resident undergraduate tuition and fees will increase 4.7% on the Morgantown campus to roughly $4,000 per semester, while nonresidents will pay $11,244
    • Graduate students will see an increase of 5% to $4,500 for residents and $11,619 for nonresidents
    • In addition, the board approved an increase in housing and meal plans
    • Over three years, West Virginia University sustained $30,000,000 in cuts from its state appropriations, according to a news release issued Friday
    • WVU plans to dish out an extra $2.4 million in need-based financial aid
    • “The importance of this university has accelerated, given the transformation this state is going to go through in terms of its fundamental economic activities,” Gordon Gee, President of WVU said. “All of a sudden, the university becomes an economic engine for the state”
    • Gee explained that WVU creates jobs and economic opportunities across the state
    • “From the student perspective there is a lot of miscommunication. Sometimes the students don’t really understand why the tuition is being raised and what exactly the fees are going to, but from the University perspective it’s really unfortunate that our state is in the situation it is. In order to maintain that and keep it going and moving forward we have to raise tuition and increase these fees and make sure that we’re recruiting the best and the brightest students,” said Student Body President Julie Merrow
    • Student enrollment hasn’t been damaged due to the increase, freshman applications are up 30% and admission is up 25%
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