Texas: Governor burned in an accident — may be forced to miss GOP convention

Gov. Greg Abbott was released from Brooke Army Medical Center on Friday after a four-day stay to treat burns he sustained in a scalding accident while he was on vacation last week.

  • Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas sustained “extensive second and third-degree burns” on both legs
  • He may miss the Republican National Convention according to his office
  • Spokesman Matt Hirsch stated Abbott was scalded in an accident involving hot water while with his family in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on Thursday
  • The governor was treated at St. John’s Medical Center
  • Upon his release, a top aide called from Texas to inform him about the gunman opening fire in downtown Dallas — an attack that killed five police officers and wounded seven others
  • “His first words to us were, ‘I’ve got to come back,'” Hirsch stated
  • Abbott held a press conference in Dallas on Friday, but didn’t disclose his accident. It was not noticeable as he was wearing pants that were covering his legs that were wrapped at the time
  • The governor’s communications team had been working on a statement detailing the burning Thursday, but abandoned it after the mass shooting
  • Abbott endorsed the presidential bid of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, but says he supports presumptive nominee Donald Trump