Friday, February 3, 2023
Friday, February 3, 2023

    Facebook live-streams an unexpected shooting of 3 men while in the car singing

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    Norfolk, VA – Three men in Norfolk, Virginia, sit in a car, smoking and singing along with rap lyrics. One of the men uses his smartphone to stream video of the fun to Facebook. Spokeswoman Andrea Saul said Wednesday that Facebook doesn’t comment on specific cases. The video recorded in Norfolk remains on the site. It had more than 480,000 views in the 24 hours after the incident.

    • 3-men in Norfolk, Virginia, were streaming a Facebook Live video of them singing & smoking along with rap lyrics
    • Moments later, the video turns into evidence in a triple shooting
    • One of the men is in critical condition. The other two victims are “doing better” after initially being hospitalized Tuesday with life-threatening wounds, the department said in a news release
    • At not point is there any indication that the men see anyone suspicious approaching the vehicle
    • Suddenly, the first of 30-some gunshots begin
    • One passenger turns his head quickly to look behind him as he is apparently shot and the phone falls onto the floor of the vehicle
    • The shooting lasts approximately 20 seconds and then there is silence
    • Someone says, “Nah, call the ambulance please”
    • Someone calls 911 but there is a hold message saying all dispatchers are busy. It is unclear if one of the victims is making the 911 call
    • “We need an ambulance. Three of us shot”
    • The video goes on for a little over an hour
    • Paramedics arrive to the scene & describe the wounds. It is unsure if they knew they were being recorded live
    • One paramedic describes one man having a wound to the temple that “took out the nasal passage” stating the victim was also shot in the right shoulder and right arm
    • One paramedic tells one of the men “Sorry about this. Your buddy is more shot up than you are. He’s going second. You’re going to be third” at this point, one ambulance has left the scene as another arrived
    • The third victim is taken to the hospital approximately 20 minutes after the shooting
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