Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Drake fined $13k for spending an additional 30-minutes on stage during his concert in Miami

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Drake’s pockets are now going to be just a little bit lighter, after his concert in Dallas went over its scheduled time, leading to a fine for the Toronto MC. According to TMZ, the artist got a late start to his concert at America Airlines Center Thursday night, causing his performance to go over its scheduled midnight close.

  • Drake got slapped with a hefty fine for his Dallas concert going way past the allowed time – ’cause, as they say … money ain’t a thang’
  • Drake performed at the American Airlines Center Thursday night
  • Drake got a late start — and when the clock struck midnight, he was officially in overtime
  • TMZ has learned the arena fined him $6,500 for every 15 minutes he played past 12
  • Drizzy even told the crowd he was going over, and he didn’t care if he had to pay
  • He ended up performing until 12:35, so the show’s gonna cost Drake an extra $13k
  • You’re welcome, Big D


  • Drake is worth some money, however, Kanye West’s pool is much larger than Drake’s & they allegedly live in the same neighborhood
  • Perhaps Bernie Sanders will clear Drake of the debt – oh wait, he can’t do that since he gave Hillary his seat
  • The American Airlines Center should expect an increase in Drake’s next rider of $13,000 to cover cost for this performance – I mean, that’s about 3 bottles of the liquor he requests, isn’t it?
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