Saturday, September 19, 2020
Saturday, September 19, 2020

Mac-and-Cheese Rant King: Ex-UConn student Gatti arrested again

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BOCA RATON, Florida – A former University of Connecticut student who went on a drunken, obscenity-laced tirade about jalapeno-bacon macaroni and cheese has been arrested after an altercation with a police officer.
  • Gatti was in the rehab as a result of a one-year probation given to him by a Connecticut judge for charges related to his now-infamous mac and cheese rant directed at a University of Connecticut cafeteria worker
  • The employee refused to serve Gatti any food because the underage student was carrying an open beer and was intoxicated
  • “Just give me some f–king bacon jalepeno mac and cheese,” Gatti told the cafeteria manager of Union Street Market


  • Arrested May 28 after Boca Raton police responded to a call from the Wellness Resource Center, a drug rehab facility
  • Gatti was being treated for drug and alcohol addiction but started going through withdraw symptoms
  • When a doctor wouldn’t supply medication to Gatti, he decided to leave the facility on foot without any shoes or any personal belongings as he was extremely upset
  • Gatti then decided to return to the facility (just to retrieve his belongings)
  • When staff wouldn’t give him back his property, he became even more upset, now angry and agitated with staff
  • Gatti appeared extremely sweaty and out of breath when Officer Gina Schuss arrived


  • Schuss tried to place him under arrest under the provisions of the Baker Act, which allows for individuals to be involuntarily institutionalized if officials believe they may harm themselves or others
  • Gatti then slapped her hand when she tried to cuff him followed by a wrestling match with
  • another officer. The altercation led to a door coming off its hinges with both men on the floor tussling around
  • Gatti stopped resisting arrest when Schuss threatened to taser him


  • Gotti was taken into custody and charged with battery of a police officer and resisting arrest with violence, according to the affidavit of probable cause
  • Gatti politely asked the officer if she could do him a favor and shoot him with her duty weapon
  • The officer was unable to fulfill that request
  • Gatti is scheduled for court on July 27

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