Cowboy riding his horse around in New York City arrested for clogging traffic on a bridge

Staten Island, NY – An 80-year old man who gained national fame by riding his horse around the country has been arrested after stopping traffic on the Outerbridge Crossing with horses, yes, plural.
  • The man known for riding around the country stating he wanted to “help hungry children” has been arrested
  • Tod “Doc” Mishear was arrested three days after riding his horse across the bridge into New York City
  • Minutes before he was put into an unmarked police van, Mishear spoke to PIX11 News, saying he was looking forward to getting back on his horses soon
  • “They’re trying to steal my horses,” he fumed. “In Montana, they hang horse thieves!”
  • Mishler arrived at 10 a.m. with his cowboy hat on, a bandanna around his neck & spurs on his feet with intention of picking up his horses but was taken into custody instead
  • He’s charged with allegations alleging¬†of torture/not feeling an animal, according to police
  • The two horses he brought to New York City were seized Monday for examinations
  • Mishler was also issued a court summons for blocking traffic and trespassing
  • Mishler does not have a cell phone and has not been heard from since his arrest