Weekly Address: Building Upon the Legacy of Labor Day

WASHINGTON, DC — In this week’s address, President Obama commemorated Labor Day by highlighting the economic progress we’ve made over the course of his administration.


every time the economy changed, hardworking Americans marched and organized.. not simply a bigger paycheck for themselves, but better conditions and more security for the folks working next to them, too.

  • President Obama wanted to remind Americans the reason we get to celebrate Labor Day.
  • Obama mentioned that it was the labor movement that helped build this country & our middle class.
  • “Their efforts are why we can enjoy things like the 40-hour workweek, overtime pay, and a minimum wage.”
  • “Their efforts are why we can depend on health insurance, Social Security, Medicare, and retirement plans.”
  • Obama stated that he called for a raise to minimum wage, which was ignored by Congress; however, 18 states and the District of Columbia, went ahead and gave their workers a raise.
  • This included 51 cities and counties.