Trump Promises Immediate Action on Cybersecurity in His Administration

Trump addressed one of the most important aspects of America’s national security, cyberbullying. Cyber theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States – and Trump promises that one of the very first things he will do is to order a thorough review of America’s cyber defenses and weaknesses, including all vital infrastructure.

  • Cyber-attacks from foreign governments, especially China, Russia, and North Korea along with non-state terrorist actors and organized criminal groups, constitute one of our most critical national security concerns.

Hillary Clinton’s only experience in cybersecurity involves her criminal scheme to violate federal law, engineering a massive cover-up, and putting the entire nation in harm’s way. The fact that a former Senator and Secretary of State claimed not to know what the letter “C” means is just one more example of why she’s unfit to hold public office.


  1. JP Morgan Chase had 73 million emails stolen.
  2. E-Bay was invaded and gave up 150 million passwords.
  3. Target was attacked and gave up 40 million credit card numbers.
  • Attacks like these are happening on a regular basis both in the United States and around the world.
  • Identify theft, financial laundering, as well as ransom ware – involving the extortion of a hacked institution – are all becoming increasingly common.
  • Incredibly, hackers were able to obtain at least 20 million identities of people who underwent FBI background investigations.
  • For non-state terror actors, the United States must develop the ability – no matter how difficult – to track down and incapacitate those responsible, Trump states.
  • Trump believes that we should turn cyber warfare into one of our greatest weapons against the terrorists.
  • The Cyber Review Team would proceed with the most sensitive systems first, but ultimately all systems will be analyzed and made as secure as modern technology permits.
  • Trump will also establish a training program for all government employees to make certain they understand what defenses are available and utilize them, along with a continuing education program so everyone is aware of the newest methods of both attack and defense.

Those who violate classification rules will be held responsible to the fullest extent of the law. I will appoint an Attorney General who will reform the Department of Justice like it was necessary after Watergate. My Attorney General will restore the integrity of the Department of Justice.

Today is just the beginning of a long and overdue national discussion of how to protect ourselves from modern cyber-crime and evolving national security threats, and how to develop the cyber offense strategies necessary to gain a critical security edge in the 21st century.