Upper Darby, Pa. – State Representative Margo Davidson’s son was arrested yesterday with possession with intent to deliver, a felony, along with other charges including resisting arrest. Sources say that Rep. Margo Davidson was at her office located just three minutes from the incident at 216 Long Lane in Upper Darby. According to court documents obtained by Young Constituents:

  • Upper Darby Police observed three unknown individuals make what they believed to be a hand-to-hand drug transaction.
  • This took place in a high drug area where numerous drug-related arrests have been made. After a foot chase, police apprehended a male who was identified as Robert Davidson of 333 Clearbrook Avenue, Lansdowne Pennsylvania.
  • The incident took place as school children were on their way home. Margo’s husband stated on Facebook that his wife has fought to bring drug dealers down on the corners of West Philly, but it turns out the dealers struck much closer to home.
  • Police located 14 clear Ziploc bags containing a blue wax paper bag with a substance later identified as heroin. Additionally, police recovered $125 and a black cellular phone.
  • Robert Davidson is currently on probation for other drug charges, which would constitute as a probation violation given the new charges. Additionally, Robert’s mother released the following statement:

He left home when he was 17, and I haven’t seen him since. I don’t know where he lives. I didn’t raise him like that, and I’m sorry he decided to live in the way he does.

  • If Robert does not live at the residence that is listed, that would potentially be an additional probation violation for providing a false address to the court and Delaware County Adult Probation & Parole.
  • This is the second arrest of Robert – adding to the Davidson family rap sheet as her other son was arrested and plead guilty to two sets of charges (Indecent Exposure) (Robbery of Motor Vehicle).
  • A preliminary hearing is scheduled before Judge Nicholas Lippincott on November 17. No attorney has been listed for the defendant.

We have reached out to Katie McGinty and Josh Shapiro regarding their support for the candidate. Both were unable to comment if they support Margo Davidson in this year’s election. Additionally, Margo stated that she was proud to receive an endorsement from the Delco Times on Facebook – the paper has confirmed that they did not endorse any candidates this year for the 164th District.

This is a developing story.