Saturday, December 2, 2023
Saturday, December 2, 2023
Saturday, December 2, 2023

Defense Drowns Cosby Jurors with Reasonable Doubt on Day Two




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The defense hit hard on Tuesday at the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas after contradicting almost every statement made by the Commonwealth’s witnesses.

Andrea Constand, a woman who accused Cosby of sexual assault; Patrice Sewell, the mother of another alleged sexual assault victim; a former deposition attorney who investigated a workman compensation claim against William Morris and two police officers testified Tuesday.

Check out Patrice Sewell’s testimony here.

Shockingly, the call to police came after she had reached out to attorneys and Cosby numerous times. Furthermore, Constand continued to hang out with Cosby following her alleged assault despite the shocking accusations she would soon assert.

Constand told prosecutors that a friend had introduced her to Cosby and he wanted to see the locker rooms to show him the new carpeting and lockers.

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When Cosby’s defense asked Constand if she had reached out to Cosby after she informed her mother that she was sexually assaulted, Constand replied “I may have.” It turns out she called him an astounding 72 times, including a few moments before police arrived to her home for the report she would soon file.

Constand’s testimony consisted solely of “I think, maybe, I don’t recall right now and possibly.”

After allegedly being drugged and sexually assaulted, Constand woke up at approximately 5:00 a.m. the next morning and made her way to the kitchen of Cosby’s home where she was greeted by the comedian. Cosby offered her a muffin and tea, which she made time to eat and drink prior to leaving Cosby’s residence – according to her testimony.

Stewart Parsons, a police officer and Constand’s brother-in-law told the jurors that after he had found out from his wife that Constand was sexually assaulted he told the family that “Andrea needed to hire a lawyer to represent her and her interests,” rather than her dealing with it with police. “It was clear instantaneously that it was a big deal and that this wasn’t just a normal case. I felt strongly that she had to hire somebody that could actually represent her and look after her best interests.”


Officer David Mason of Durham Police in Canada said he was dispatched to a call related to a sex offense on January 13, 2005 where he first met Andrea Constand and her mother.

Mason mentioned that Constand informed them that she was in the process of getting advice from civil lawyers who specialized in sexual assault cases – she also told police she met Cosby at the Liacouras Center during a basketball game where she introduced herself and gave the comedian a tour of the facility.

The call came one-year following the allegation, according to both parties. Mason told the defense during cross examination that Constand informed police that she had waited to report the incident because she had an interest in sports broadcasting – however, Constand told the defense that she did not tell police that.

When the defense showed a copy of the police report to Constand, she stated it was 12-years ago and she didn’t remember all of the details.

Furthermore, Constand testified that she was “introduced to Mr. Cosby by a well respected donor of the Temple Sports and he happened to be at a game one particular night that fall,” stating that he wanted to see the new locker room that Temple University had built – but she told police that she introduced herself to Cosby and offered to give him a tour of the facility.

Constand told police that she had not spoken or had contact with Cosby since the assault – but when the defense presented her with phone records indicating over 70 phone calls made to Cosby, she was lost for words. Constand kept insisting that she could not remember what she told police twelve years ago.

Constand informed Officer Mason that she had never been alone with Cosby, another contradiction to her testimony Tuesday afternoon when she mentioned a night at Foxwoods Reserve in Connecticut and other evenings at the home.

Constand’s argument was that she was unable to recall all of the details on the night she made the police report – but if she couldn’t remember them then, what makes her so sure 13-years later?


The prosecution asked no questions regarding the vigorous search Constand made to find an attorney who specializes in sexual assault civil lawsuits – a major topic the defense picked on for the remainder of the day. Defense attorney Angela Agrusa asked Constand if she had contacted any attorneys, which Constand first denied.

When Agrusa presented Constand with phone records and Google searches showcasing Philadelphia personal injury and sexual assault lawyers, Constand was lost for words – stating again she did not recall what happened those 12-years ago.

It turns out Constand contacted lawyer after lawyer, from Canada to Philadelphia, trying to find one that would take on Cosby in a civil lawsuit. Constand claimed that her mother knew nothing about the hunt for the right lawyer. The big question isn’t why she contacted lawyers, as that’s obvious. The question should be why no lawyer picked up the lawsuit if it was so airtight in 2005? If Cosby is found guilty, lawyers will be flocking to take comedian Bill Cosby to the cleaners.

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