Five shootings Sunday night in Philadelphia 

Philadelphia, Pa. (YC) – Five brutal shootings happened back-to-back Sunday night throughout Philadelphia. 

Police pronounced the victims dead on arrival at two of the incidents, the third was in critical condition after being shot in the face by a man in a lime green shirt. 

At 8:53 p.m. a man was shot in the arm on the 700 block of E Madison Street. 

Approximately one hour later, shots rung out on the 1500 block of S 26th St. after a child was attacked by a pit bull and rushed to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in critical condition. 
At the same time, a man was shot multiple times on the 5600 block of Ithan St and was pronounced dead upon arrival at Penn-Presbyterian Hospital. 

The final shooting happened on the 1600 block of Harrison St. where a man was shot in the face and transported to Aria-Frankford Hospital. The perpetrator was described as a black male wearing a lime color shirt. 

At 11:25 p.m. a man was shot in the head at the intersection of E Allegheny Ave & D St.

We will have more developments on the story Monday morning.