Saturday, March 25, 2023
Saturday, March 25, 2023

    Veteran shot to death in Philadelphia; suspect flees and breaks into home

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    Philadelphia, Pa. (YC) – Howard White, a 46-year old veteran was shot and killed early Thursday morning in Olney, Philadelphia.

    Patrolmen heard an argument followed by numerous gunshots just after 1 a.m. coming from the intersection of 5th and Spencer Street.

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    That’s where they found the victim shot in the head and torso.

    Police say they noticed two men running from the scene, one armed with two handguns.

    Police caught up with one of the men and ordered him to drop his weapons. The man complied and explained to police that he was a witness who was chasing the man who just shot and killed his friend.

    The suspect, a 25-year-old man, was chased by police when he decided to force himself into a home on North 6th Street by breaking through the backdoor.

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    The homeowner and his son had a physical altercation with the suspect, ultimately disarming him. The suspect was taken into police custody and transported to Einstein Hospital along with the homeowner and his son after sustaining injuries to his head and face.

    Witnesses say White got into an altercation with the gunman when he attempted to hold up the local bar.

    “His death might’ve saved many other lives in the bar,” a family member told the press. Howard was on active duty with plans to return to Korea.

    The witness and friend who was armed had a license to carry a firearm, according to police.

    According to a preliminary statement from police, the victim just returned from serving 9 months in the Middle East with plans to serve an additional term in Korea. Additionally, the victim lived about a block away from the incident.

    Police stated the motive for the shooting is an argument that took place on 6100 block of north 5th street. 

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