PPA GONE WILD! Boots CBS news van .. in their own parking

Philadelphia, Pa. (YC) — The Philadelphia Parking Authority, known for their aggressive tactics to tackle illegal parking took on a wild case of boot rage early Friday morning.

The shoulder stretching from 15th & Spring Garden to 16th & Spring Garden is reserved for press parking where you’ll see nearly a dozen news vans and vehicles with CBS3 & KYW NEWS decals each day.

This morning drivers caught a glimpse of something strange .. a news vehicle booted with an orange sticker marked “TOW” on the back window.

Facial expressions of commuters were priceless as they took a double take to make sure they weren’t hallucinating.

Earlier this year, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross returned to his car to find a parking ticket after leaving a speaking engagement.

The PPA became known nationwide after their crazy tactics promoted television producers to create the prime time television show ‘Parking Wars’ featured on A&E.