Saturday, April 1, 2023
Saturday, April 1, 2023

    Video: Chester City’s deadly tradition of celebratory New Year’s gunfire

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    CHESTER CITY, Pa. (YC) — What’s turning into a Chester City New Years tradition unfortunately continued this year.

    We captured video with audio of gun shots going off in the heart of Chester City just after midnight.

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    This is something residents of Chester are worried about every single year.

    Last year, Chester City Police got about 75 calls of gunshots, right after the clock struck midnight.

    Regardless of what motivates the shooters, the threat is the same each time they shoot.

    “When you fire a gun into the air, the ammunition has to come back down. It’s the law of gravity,” a Delaware County police officer told YC. “It poses a danger to innocent bystanders because you don’t know where the bullet is going to travel.”

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    When a bullet is fired into the air, it can stay in flight for over a minute. On the way down, it gains a velocity of between 300 and 700 feet per second—that’s more than powerful enough to kill a human. Skulls can be penetrated at a velocity of 200 feet per second.

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