Thursday, June 4, 2020
Thursday, June 4, 2020

Delco Rep. Davidson charged while driving with suspended license in taxpayer-funded car.. again

According to court documents we obtained, State Representative Margo Davidson (D-Pa.) was cited in Radnor Township just a few weeks before her recent accident that left her with a stiff neck.

Davidson recently told the Delaware County Daily Times that she learned that her driver’s license was suspended “only when she was being whisked away in an ambulance” following a car accident. She gave a similar statement to; however, Davidson left out that she was cited for driving on a suspended license just under a month before the Feb. 3rd accident after being involved in yet another accident; this time, Davidson fled the scene and failed to render aid, according to court documents.

Davidson was cited on January 11, 2018 for driving while suspended, driving at an unsafe speed, failing to notify police of an accident resulting in injuries and failing to stop and render aid; all are summary offenses.

This marks the second time in 30-days that Davidson was involved in a crash with a taxpayer-funded vehicle.

The charges also indicate that Davidson fled the scene, failed to assist the injured motorist and obviously … had a suspended license, again.

According to, Davidson said she received a letter from PennDOT “around October or November” notifying her that she must pay the ticket or her license would be suspended. The deadline to respond, according to Davidson, was “right around Dec. 25.” However, she paid that ticket after the deadline.

Further, Davidson called the police who cited her “rude and nasty” and claims they asked her if the car was stolen, as it was registered to the state.

Davidson insinuated the citations were racially motivated, claiming they asked, “Why were you driving this car? Are you allowed to drive this car?”

The Pennsylvania Department of General Services stated that owners of taxpayer-funded cars must notify the state if their licenses are suspended, but Davidson failed to do so. They said they found out that the vehicle was involved in an accident by the House, not Davidson.

Additionally, Davidson told reporters she had to wear a neck brace for a few days following the second crash; however, a Facebook video shows her giving a speech just two days after the second crash..

We reached out to the Pennsylvania State Police for additional information pertaining to the hit-and-run in January.

Court documents show Davidson has six open cases. Davidson’s oldest son, Robert, recently made headlines after being convicted for running a heroin “warehouse.”

Pete Kourkoulis » for Your Content
Pete Kourkoulis » for Your Content
» Pete is a former Your Content intern from Georgetown University. He served as a Capital Hill Correspondent.

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