Saturday, May 27, 2023
Saturday, May 27, 2023

    Margo Davidson: From running from accidents to running for Congress

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    Disgraced State Representative Margo L. Davidson officially put her bid in for Congress, sources tell YC.

    Margo Davidson, who recently came under public scrutiny for fleeing from an accident and receiving multiple citations for driving and crashing a taxpayer funded vehicle without a license on two separate occasions announced she’s ready to move up from her current seat and run for congress.

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    Davidson scheduled a campaign kickoff party this Saturday at 10 North 9th Street in Darby, Pennsylvania.

    Davidson must face two judges in the coming weeks for charges lodged against her by the Pennsylvania State Police for fleeing the scene of an accident, failing to render aid, two counts of driving with a suspended license and a slew of other similar charges. If Davidson is found guilty on both counts of driving with a suspended license, she faces an additional two-year license suspension and fines exceeding $2,000.00.

    We reached out to Davidson’s attorney Thomas Kenney but he has not responded to requests for comment.

    Though we reached out to Davidson several times since her second accident, Davidson did not respond to repeated requests for comment about the January accident.

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    Margo’s first crash involved a New Jersey woman on Jan 11 as traffic piled up on Interstate 476 in Radnor Township, Delaware County. When the woman called police to report the accident, Davidson allegedly took a photo of her next to her license and fled before police arrived. Pennsylvania State Police told us that Davidson “left the scene prior to the arrival of the troopers and failed to provide all of the required documents at the scene of the crash.”

    Sources told YC that Davidson was leaving a political party on the 800 block of Concord Road in Glen Mills just moments before her second crash on Feb 2.

    Democratic "Meet, Greet & Eat" event that took place on the same night as Margo Davidson's accident on Feb 2.
    Democratic “Meet, Greet & Eat” event that took place on the same night as Margo Davidson’s accident on Feb 2.

    Davidson also said the police officer who arrived at the scene on Feb. 2 was “very rude and nasty” to her. As emergency personnel pulled her out of the vehicle, she said the cop asked: ” ‘Why were you driving this car? Are you allowed to drive this car? Did you steal this car?’”

    As for Margo’s bid for congress .. she will also be continuing her campaign seeking re-election as State Representative incase the congressional one doesn’t work out too well.

    On another note, Margo is currently accepting donations for her congressional campaign. There is no word on if the Delaware County Democratic Party will endorse the recently disgraced politician on her congressional bid, but they’re fully backing her re-election as state representative. However, they did not endorse her on her most recent past re-election campaign. 

    » Davidson Court Saga

    The Davidson’s are not strangers to the criminal justice system – just last year her son was convicted for operating a heroin “warehouse” in her district after police witnessed him making a sale as school students were making their way home.

    The son, Robert Davidson, allegedly ran towards her mother’s office where she was present. After a brief foot pursuit with police, they placed him under arrest and found 14 clear Ziploc bags containing heroin, $125 and a black cellular phone. Robert, who was currently on probation for another drug-related case, was transported to George W. Hill Correctional Facility. Robert’s criminal history includes indecent exposure, robbery of a motor vehicle and other cases stemming from his early teenage years.

    While awaiting trial, sources tell YC that Robert made a phone call from George W. Hill Correctional Facility asking a family member to empty out his apartment.

    Upper Darby Police immediately obtained a search warrant and beat them there, finding 301 bags of heroin, 18 vials of marijuana, 16 bags of cocaine, two vials of methamphetamine, more than $5,000.00 in cash and a stolen handgun.

    “It’s a warehouse, look at it.” Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood told reporters. “These guys were major dealers. They were selling everything, heroin, cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine.”

    Despite the overwhelming evidence from his two arrests, Davidson got a slap on the wrist with a mere 6-23 months on a negotiated guilty plea with the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office. Additionally, Davidson will serve a few years on probation to run concurrent to his rather light jail term.

    Interestingly enough, another man in Delaware County received nearly double the sentence as Davidson for a lesser offense in 2016. Furthermore, an Altoona man was sentenced to 37 to 74 years for operating a drug ring in a halfway house. His original sentence was 204 years.

    Robert Davidson had a previous encounter with the legal system in Delaware County – after being arrested for possession of marijuana, public drunkenness and disorderly conduct in 2015. His slightly older brother was arrested in 2012 for felony criminal trespassing, two counts of indecent exposure, two counts of simple assault and four counts of harassment followed by three felonies of theft of a motor vehicle, theft by unlawful taking, receiving stolen property and two misdemeanor counts of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and resisting arrest. His mother, State Rep. Margo Davidson was also brought to court after a bizarre case regarding falsifying signatures on her nomination petitions in 2015 and being evicted from her campaign office due to unpaid rent. Though Davidson immediately filed a counter-suit against the landlord in her district, she was found guilty and ordered to pay the owed rent money. Additionally, the Davidson’s owed the City of Philadelphia nearly $20,000.00 in unpaid taxes, bills and fines.

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    — – Update 1:40 p.m.

    Added correction stating the Delaware County Democratic Committee did endorse Davidson for state representative re-election bid, but not congressional bid.

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