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Saturday, April 20, 2024
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State Rep. Margo Davidson’s ‘mentally unstable’ son files suit against opponent as he walks out of state prison




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Keeping Up with the Davidsons? State Rep. Margo Davidson's youngest son files suit against mother's opponent .. days after being released from state prison. New details come out about an allegedly performing lewd acts and assaulting a girl at his college.

Disgraced Delaware County State Representative Margo Davidson has a busy court schedule of her own coming up next week, so she decided to ease her workload by having her son take her opponent to court for her .. odd? No, it’s actually quite common for politicians to be challenged for their petitions.

What’s bizarre about the filing is that Joel was recently released from state prison for attacking a fellow prisoner while a guest at SCI-Laurel Highlands .. basically, he walked out of prison and his mom put him right to work on her campaign. Further, Representative Davidson is having the same son she called “mentally ill” a few years ago following an arrest take her opponent on himself.

Margo’s son, Joel Davidson, who has a hefty criminal history of his own is taking his mother’s Republican opponent Inder Baines to court on the same day Margo is scheduled for her first court date. Perhaps conflicts in her busy court schedule is the reason she’s having her son handle her battle – he is definitely very experienced with the court system.

Davidson alleges that Baines’ format on his nomination petitions is wrong and that a number of signatures should be stricken, which could possibly get him off the ballot if Davidson could prove those allegations.

Oddly, Joel was sentenced to state prison, while in state prison, for attacking a fellow inmate. His minimum sentence would’ve run out just a couple days short of a month ago.

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“I’m confident the petitions are valid,” Inder Baines told YC in a brief comment. “I look forward to the court hearing.”

Though it doesn’t sound odd at first, as it’s very common for one to challenge a political candidate’s petitions, Margo Davidson left this in the hands of a son she told reporters suffers from mental health issues after a bizarre arrest in 2013.

He stole his neighbor’s car .. hung out with it in a driveway and when caught asked police if he could just return it so he didn’t get arrested.

“He’s currently home and under doctor’s case,” Margo told the Delaware County Daily Times, also stating that he suffered from mental health issues.

Davidson was convicted of stealing his neighbor’s car, resisting arrest and a number of other charges filed against him by the Upper Darby Police Department. According to the Delaware County Daily Times, Officer Steven Tarozzi of the Upper Darby Police Department was on patrol when he noticed the stolen car idling. According to the affidavit of probably cause, Tarozzi gave Davidson verbal commands to get onto the ground. “The defendant stated, ‘Can’t I return the car so I don’t get arrested?” Davidson

Joel’s history dates back 13-years to when he was just a 13-year-old boy.

Just one year and two cases prior to the car theft, he was slapped with a slew of charges including 2 counts of indecent exposure, 2 counts of simple assault, 4 counts of harassment and one count of criminal trespassing after allegedly attacking a girl at Cabrini College, where he was an active student at the time. Student sources tell YC that Davidson allegedly assaulted the young girl, exposing himself as it went down but was caught in the act. Though the school was not able to comment on the case, we are told that the school lessened the charges if Davidson agreed to dropout of the college and never speak of the incident again. Our EyeOn investigative team are currently working to find out more regarding the nature of these charges.

Margo is scheduled to appear before Judge David Lang in Newtown Square next week after evading police for over a month following a hit-and-run accident in a taxpayer-funded vehicle she was driving, without a driver’s license.

She is also scheduled to go before Judge Wendy B. Roberts in April after crashing that same vehicle, again without a driver’s license just weeks after her first accident. Both cases are being handled by the Pennsylvania State Police.

Joel’s criminal history is almost as serious as his brother Robert’s, who has a rap sheet that’s just a tad lengthier than a typical college research paper. We broke a story last year after Robert Davidson was arrested for operating a “drug warehouse.” The story wound up going viral and crashing our server.

As for Representative Davidson, she’s no stranger when it comes to election related suits. During her 2016 campaign, she was brought to court for violating 25 PA C.S. §§2913 (a), 2936-2937 of the Pennsylvania Election Code & 65 PA C.S. §1104(b) of the Pennsylvania Ethics Law. Basically, she falsified signatures on her petitions to get her on the ballot .. 354 of them. The court found that over half of her signatures were false, however she was still able to run as she had 3 signatures over the required amount to be on the ballot. If those 3 signatures were also stricken, she would’ve been removed from the ballot.

Given the recent negative media attention and charges, this election may prove to be one of Davidson’s hardest to conquer. She also announced her candidacy for congress last week with a kick-off party scheduled tomorrow morning.

Even Planned Parenthood, a staunch supporter of basically any Democratic candidate refused to back Davidson in 2014 – endorsing anyone who would run against her.

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