Thursday, November 24, 2022
Thursday, November 24, 2022

    Margo Davidson: ‘There was no hit and run .. Trumpkin’

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    Disgraced State Rep. Margo Davidson of Delaware County came out with an odd message Sunday .. denying the accident ever happened, despite the police report, charges and pending trial.

    “The beautiful thing about democracy is that people can choose to support whoever they choose,” Margo wrote on a Facebook comment. “There are thousands of people who choose to support me. There was no hit and run.”

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    Davidson was charged with fleeing the scene of an accident in a taxpayer-funded vehicle on a suspended license. She is also awaiting trial on two separate accidents in the same vehicle.

    One of the two is a civil suit alleging Davidson rear ended a woman while in the taxpayer-funded vehicle. The victim is suing the State of Pennsylvania & Davidson as the vehicle is owned by the state.

    The second is an accident from February 2018 where police also claim Davidson was at fault, again without a driver’s license.

    “You were a Trumpkin,” Davidson said in a scolding comment to a resident in her district. “Over 2,046 people signed my petition to be on the ballot for Congress. “That ‘coubt’ puts me in the top tier.”

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    Davidson, who ended the comment with “#TruthMatters” has yet to answer any questions posed by the media regarding the several accidents, her visit to a Turkish coup and her failure to vote on legislation in Harrisburg.

    She is due in several courtrooms all throughout April for the various car accidents.

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