Friday, February 3, 2023
Friday, February 3, 2023

    Philadelphia & One Liberty Place to hold & shelter in place & drill Monday

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    In the midst of mass shootings, casualties, bombings and other threats, Philadelphia’s second-tallest skyscraper will be holding a ‘shelter in place’ drill to prepare tenants for any future threats.
    According to building management, the complex composed of a 61-story, 945-foot skyscraper known as One Liberty Place and the 58-story, 848-foot skyscraper known as Two Liberty Place will be holding the shelter in place training exercise Monday, March 26 at around 10 a.m. with first responders and building security.
    “Building Management will announce a shelter in place,” the building told YC, similar to one they’d announce in the event an emergency was occurring.
    When an emergency is announced, Tenant Fire Captains will ensure that all building occupants on their floors go to the designated shelter locations.
    Elevators will be recalled to the main lobby and all outside doors at the main lobby, Shops at Liberty Place and the loading docks will be shut down.
    Fire exits will not be locked from the inside, in accordance to fire code. Further, the stair tower doors will be unlocked during emergencies to allow for inter-floor travel.
    Oddly, the drill plan indicates that some type of emergencies will require occupants in the lower levels be directed to upper floors to avoid possible exposures to outside contaminants that are heavier than air.
    Building engineers will shut down all air handling equipment and close all outside air dampers.
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