Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Temple employee in Cosby trial says Constand told her she could set up a celebrity, quit her job and go back to college

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Marguerite “Margo” Jackson, a Temple employee for over 30 years testified that Cosby accuser Andrea Constand told her during an away game in Rhode Island that she could set up a celebrity, file charges, and use the money to quit her job, go back to school and open up a business.

“Who would make the travel arrangements for you?” Kathleen Bliss asked. “Andrea Constand.” Jackson answered. “Who is Andrea Constand?” Bliss followed-up. “She was the operations manager for women’s basketball.” Jackson replied.

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“When did you first meet Andrea Constand?” Bliss asked. “December 2002.” Jackson answered. “How many times do you think you roomed with Andrea Constand?” Bliss asked. “Probably 2 or 3.” Jackson told her.

“Was there a particular event that stood out in your mind involving Andrea Constand during one of these room shares?” Bliss asked. “Yes. During one of the room shares at an away game in Rhode Island, [we] were watching television and [saw] a news clip where they’re talking about a high profile celebrity assaulting women and she said something similar happened to her.” Jackson said. “I asked her a 3rd time, ‘did that really happen to you?’ She said ‘I could say it did, I could quit my job and go back to school,’ essentially.”

“Why was it that you kept questioning her?” Bliss asked. “As a trained clinician, when people say things like that, you question.. That’s what you do. I wanted more information not just for myself but if she needed help with that that would be my role. It’s kind of a natural instinct.” Jackson said.

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“Now, the timeframe in which this occurred do you know when Andrea Constand made these statements in reaction to watching this TV show?” Bliss asked. “In about 2005 when that story came out.” Jackson said.

“What if anything did you think about that?” Bliss asked. “The conversation we had came back to me – like she said, it didn’t happen.” Jackson said.

“At some point in time did you decide to come forward about the information you had?” Bliss asked. “I kind of came forward when I was on a cruise with my sister and my cousin. We went to a comedy show, the comedian was pretty funny. After the show, the comedian offered to buy me a drink and said he wouldn’t put anything in it.” Jackson continued. “I called him [out] on it. I told him I worked at Temple, I knew Andrea and I told him she told me it didn’t happen.”

“When was this?” Bliss asked. “November 2016.” Jackson replied. “Did someone then contact you about the information you had?” Bliss asked. “Yes.” Jackson replied. “Who was that?” Bliss continued. “It was several people, it was the McMonagle team.” Jackson replied.

“What did you tell them?” Bliss asked. “I told them everything I just told you. They came and took my statement. They called me to testify but they didn’t allow my testimony.” Jackson said.

“Did anyone from the Commonwealth try to contact you?” Bliss asked. “Two gentlemen came to Temple University to interview me really just to confirm my statement.” Jackson said.

Margo Jackson confirmed she told the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office and detectives the same thing she told Brian McMonagle’s team.

“Ms. Jackson, how has your life changed since you came forward?” Bliss asked. “Aside from the press scaring my nieces and my great nieces and nephews who live with me, aside from just the privacy, you know, and feeling like I’m being followed sometimes, it’s kind of scary.” Jackson continued. “My name is all over the press, it’s just a little unnerving.”

“It’s not something you’re getting a thrill out of?” Bliss asked. “Not at all.” Jackson said. “How about at work?” Bliss asked.

“At one point, last June, when the case was prominent and my name was in the media, people were calling Temple. People were calling saying I didn’t deserve my job.”

Assistant District Attorney Ryan asked Jackson if she recalled Andrew Wyatt’s press conference last year reading her statement. “You know who Andrew Wyatt is? Can you tell us what Andrew Wyatt does?” Ryan asked Jackson. “He’s the PR guy for Mr. Cosby.” Jackson said.

“Did the public have your statement before Andrew Wyatt read it on the courthouse steps?” Ryan asked. “I can’t be certain.” Jackson said.

Did Ms. Bliss tell you that one of the attorneys in this case, Mr. Mesereau would tell this jury that this case is about “money, money, money?” Ryan asked. “No.” Jackson replied. “Did Ms. James tell you that Mr. Mesereau would tell you that this case was all about money, money, money?” Ryan asked you. “No.” Jackson answered. “Did Mr. Ross tell you that Mr. Mesereau would tell you that this case was all about money, money, money?” Ryan asked. “No.” Jackson replied.

“During the conversation you claim you had with Ms. Constand in February of 2004, did Ms. Constand tell you that part of her master plan, she knew that the person that would assault her would invite her to his house?” Ryan asked. “No.” Jackson answered.

“Did Ms. Constand tell you that during this master plan that the person on his own would go and retrieve the pills?” Ryan said. “No.” Jackson said.

“You’re making a funny face and I get it,” Ryan said. “They’re weird questions.”

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