Friday, March 31, 2023
Friday, March 31, 2023

    Wild woman shoots nurse in front of on-duty detective in Chester City during road-rage incident

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    An enraged female motorist had enough of the Friday morning rush when she decided to shoot another woman in the face just before 11 a.m.

    Captain James Chubb of the City of Chester Police Department told YC the victim was employed at a hospital and resided in Philadelphia. Sources confirm she was a nurse.

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    Detective Steven Byrne from the City of Chester Police Department, was traveling north in the 2100 block of Edgmont Avenue, in an unmarked police vehicle when he observed an unidentified female punching the driver window of a white vehicle with a blunt object.

    The white vehicle was pulled over on the curb line in the 2200 block of Edgmont Avenue.

    As Det. Byrne began to approach the incident, the white vehicle began to pull away from the enraged woman, who was still banging on the window.

    At this point the woman discharged a weapon into the white vehicle. Det. Byrne radioed for more vehicles and began to approach the enraged female who was armed and obviously dangerous.

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    The woman then hopped into a Red Chevrolet Camaro, which was parked in the Sunoco lot. The white vehicle continued to travel south on Edgmont Avenue, and was being followed by the suspect’s vehicle.

    Officers were able to conduct a felony vehicle stop on the actors vehicle, in the 2000 block of Edgmont Ave. The enraged female motorist was taken in to custody without incident.

    The weapon was recovered.

    During the arrest of the woman, the white vehicle continued to travel south on Edgmont avenue. The vehicle then pulled in to the Rite-Aid parking lot, in an attempt to get help. Officers arrived on location at the Rite-Aid and did assist the victim, who was shot in the face. Officers did transport the victim to Crozer Chester Medical Center, where she was further treated for her injuries.

    The victim is listed in fair condition.

    Upon further investigation, it was learned that this incident occurred as a road rage incident, due to a motor vehicle accident.

    The enraged woman was transported to Chester Police Headquarters, where she will be charged accordingly and arraigned tomorrow morning.

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