Sunday, October 25, 2020
Sunday, October 25, 2020

Harrisburg club under fire after women allege security helped men who drugged and raped them  

• Police in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania are investigating a string of alleged sexual assaults and rapes that took place at a local club.
• Over ten victims spoke to following the viral Facebook post of the most recent rape victim who claims she was drugged and handed to her rapist by security.
• Former staff members of the venue say the owner 'encouraged bartenders to give intoxicated girls free drinks.'

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Police in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, are investigating a string of sexual assaults after a nightclub turned responsibility of a young woman over to her alleged rapist, following her forced removal due to appearing intoxicated. Now, nearly ten other victims have come forward with similar experiences.

According to the most recent victim – who spoke only under the condition of anonymity as police are actively investigating the rape – she tells that she was drugged while frequenting the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center on Thursday, July 12.

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Then, security handed her to the demented individual who violently beat and sexually assaulted the victim, just a couple of blocks from the venue!

After others caught wind of what had happened to the woman, it was revealed that several other females have been unknowingly targeted and drugged at this club.

It’s a drug infested rape den! one brave young woman told “Guys know it’s an easy place to prey on girls and the security is in on it!”

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The victim told that while her rapist was escorting her down the dark street, the same security guard who kicked her out walked with them and appeared to have a preexisting acquaintance with the twisted predator.

According to several courageous victims who came forward revealing their story exclusively to, security at the venue is infamous for feeding vulnerable and helpless girls to men regularly.

“We are assisting the police in this matter,” Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center wrote in a Facebook statement following a phone call from our reporters Thursday night. “Beyond that we will wait for them to finish their investigation before we release anymore information.”

The outraged residents in the area plan to attend the next Harrisburg City Council meeting to voice their opinion and urge the city to revoke their liquor license.

“My sister and I were both drugged at a comedy show,” Samantha White, another victim of the club’s alleged operation told, stating she visited the club on Dec. 4, 2011 for a comedy show with her sister. “We haven’t been back since.”

“There were witnesses there that said it didn’t make sense how we got drunk so fast,” Caitlyn Suguitan, a third victim told Friday afternoon. “I lost consciousness several times. Huge pieces of the night are missing.” Luckily for her – she was at the venue with her spouse who immediately took her home.

“My friend and I went to a birthday party at HMAC at the end of February, 2012,” a third woman tells “We had one drink and one shot. Neither of us remember anything after that. I woke up with strangle marks on my neck and a busted nose!” the brave woman told us. Her friend was missing two teeth and had a dislocated hip after waking up the next morning.

A former staffer of the club says she was encouraged to feed intoxicated girls as many drinks as possible free of charge, claiming the owner of the club encouraged it. “For three years I worked there he would blame the drugging allegation on the fact that they couldn’t handle their liquor,” the former employee told

“I woke up naked in my bathtub,” a fourth victim tells “I only had two beers.”

“I blacked out during my first beer,” a fifth victim told Friday. “I woke up in a random apartment without my clothes on.” She also noted she had over 40 missed texts from friends, all of which were concerned because they couldn’t find her.

Out of the 10 women who spoke to, one says the owner of the venue even offered drugs men in exchange to sexual favors that took place in the closets or bathrooms of the venue.

Harrisburg Police Criminal Investigation Division urges anyone who has information pertaining to this investigation to call Detective Joseph Zimmerman at (717) 255-3180 or [email protected]

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