Sunday, January 29, 2023
Sunday, January 29, 2023

    DelCo Bar: ‘Your Kind Isn’t Welcome Here’ after sexist bartender snaps

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    A bar in Wayne Pennsylvania is under scrutiny after denying service to a couple due to sexism, could confirm. 

    After several reports of bizarre patron denials, sent a reporter duo to the known bar Christopher’s in Wayne, Pennsylvania to test the bartenders. 

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    “Get out,” a bartender in a tie told an undercover reporter. “Your kind isn’t welcome here.”

    When the reporters identified themselves, the bartender didn’t budge. 

    The duo of two reporters, one male and female were immediately denied service without any explanation and asked to leave. 

    “I don’t care. You can’t come here.” a bartender told the reporters Wednesday morning just after midnight, noting that they weren’t welcome in the establishment. 

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    The reporter took it to a new level, offering the bartender a whopping $300 for a glass of wine, but the sexist bartender didn’t budge. 

    The ballistic bartender stated a patrons weren’t welcome due to the female reporter being … a female. 

     Christopher’s did not immediately reply to repeated requests for comment. 

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