Saturday, September 19, 2020
Saturday, September 19, 2020

GOOD RIDDANCE! Davidson kid off to state prison for three years

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Joel Davidson – son of disgraced Delaware County State Rep. Margo Davidson – was shipped off to a state penitentiary today after being sentenced to 3-24 months behind bars for attempting to burglarize the home of a couple … and taking to social media to post videos threatening to kill them.

Multiple sources tell us that he’s expected to serve his sentence at SCI Phoenix, which is deemed one of the toughest, meanest maximum-security hellholes ever built – housing some of the nuttiest killers, rapists and violent criminals in existence. 

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Comic icon Bill Cosby is also serving his sentence at Phoenix, but the prison ensured us that Cosby won’t have to deal with the little rascal slithering his way into the comedian’s unit. 

Joel Davidson photographed by prison staff at SCI Graterford on Feb. 23, 2018, just before he was released for a short-stint of freedom before being rearrested. Photo: Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
Joel Davidson photographed by prison staff at SCI Graterford on Feb. 23, 2018, just before he was released for a short-stint of freedom before being rearrested. Photo: Pennsylvania Department of Corrections

Joshua Davidson went before Delaware County Court of Common Pleas Judge Richard M. Cappelli, who handed down a sentence that onlookers claim was “long deserved” and they hope it sets an example for the other Davidsons to “cut the crap.” 

“They know they shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing,” said Jerome Smith. “When I heard the name, it rang a bell – and then I realized it’s one of those Davidsons. It’s about time someone sets the standard.”

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We broke the story … police responded to reports of a burglary at approximately 5:30 a.m. on Oct. 21 on the 200 block of Wembly Road in Upper Darby Township. When they arrived, they learned that Davidson broke a window and tried to slither through but was caught by the homeowner

After realizing that he couldn’t get in, the criminal grabbed a “boulder” sized-rock and smashed the couple’s car window – but when all failed, he returned home and posted videos on social media threatening to kill Vernisha Wilson and her boyfriend.

Ironically, Vernisha worked for Rep. Margo Davidson during her campaign. She was paid thousands of dollars, but it’s unknown what her duties were. 

We told you first … the siblings held a Davidson family reunion at George W. Hill Correctional Facility in February after the youngest sibling, Joshua, got picked up for drug charges and thrown in the clink with the rest of his brothers.

Judge Cappelli ordered the devious criminal stay away from Vernisha and pay her over $7k in restitution. 

Last year the community was outraged after Robert Davidson received a slap on the wrist for operating what police called a “drug warehouse” near his mother’s office. He was freed, but rearrested shortly after for new charges. 

“That judge deserves an award,” said a source, who spoke under the condition of anonymity to avoid any retaliation. “This definitely brings assurance to residents that Rep. Davidson’s kids aren’t above the law.”

The Davidson family matriarch appears to be keeping her chin up … but multiple sources with direct knowledge tell us things are far from well. 

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