Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Tuesday, October 19, 2021

    Racist high-ranking official tells friend he’ll have “airtight job security so long as there’s a n—er” in town

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    Officials from the Delaware County Adult Probation & Parole Department allegedly exchanged alarming emails throughout the years, and we have learned that select high-ranking departmental officials refer to African Americans as “niggers” who ensure “airtight job security.”

    Through nearly 50 filings under the state’s Right to Know Law, we requested an opportunity to inspect electronic communications between all Delaware County law enforcement agencies following a news tip submitted, claiming an individual who was a former probationer was mistakenly carbon copied on a racist e-mail exchange. The e-mail has not been independently verified by yc.news, and the county refused multiple requests for comment.

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    Though a majority of the requests are still in litigation, we obtained an e-mail message sent in 2015 between several county officials and a current department supervisor, where they allegedly accidentally carbon copied a probationer. The chain appeared to pertain to an individual with intentions to apply for a position within the department, but they were told they had to change their voting registration to complete the application process.  

    “Good morning,” the high-ranking Delaware County Adult Probation & Parole Supervisor allegedly wrote in an e-mail to three other county officials and third parties. “You do not have to worry about job security … ROFL … so long as there’s a nigger in our county, you will have a full slate.”

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    We reached out to Delaware County District Attorney Katayoun Copeland’s Office nearly two months ago regarding accusations of official misconduct against law enforcement officers at the county level, but she has remained silent on the issue. 

    “Just make sure he registers as a [redacted] before applying, they’re extremely strict about that. Can’t have a bunch of [gang-bang] loving [redacted] in here … ha.”

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    According to well-over two dozen county officials – all applicants in Delaware County must register as a Republican to be considered for a position. Further, there are no African American individuals employed by the Delaware County Department of Adult Probation & Parole, and 1% of the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office is made up of African Americans. 

    “This is further proof of what the FBI has stated,” film producer and author Tariq Nasheed told us in a statement. “Law enforcement has been thoroughly infiltrated by white supremacists, and there is a need for the government to take corrective actions to remedy this.”

    Those who are registered with any political party other than republican have an alarming 0% chance of earning a position at virtually all Delaware County agencies.

    The Delaware County Department of Probation & Parole has refused to turn over any electronic communications, but the Pennsylvania Supreme Court is expected to weigh in on Original Media Group Corporation’s request and rule on the matter mid-summer. 

    The Delaware County Council stood by District Attorney Copeland and remained silent on the issue. Director Michael W. Raith, Esq. of the Delaware County Adult Probation & Parole Department declined to respond to requests for comment over the last three weeks.

    We have turned over the e-mail communication the United States Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania to investigate the allegation, per their request.

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