Saturday, February 22, 2020

FOUR violent sex offenders – including TWO rapists – are at large after failing to return to a Chester treatment center located nearby numerous schools, daycares & Widener University

VIOLENT sex offenders who migrated from various areas – including Philadelphia – to an ‘alcoholism treatment program’ facility in Chester have absconded supervision and are at large. The revelation comes after several attempted abductions that left parents terrified and children at risk.

Shocking new depths of depravity are being revealed after sex offenders and two rapists were released from jail and wound up at a ‘treatment center’ – only to walk out the door to possibly commit their atrocities yet again!  

What’s more – a search of Megan’s Law indicates 1/3 of absconding offenders from the Delaware County area – including a violent rapist – provided authorities the same address upon release from prison.

That’s the disturbing revelation of a predator analysis that uncovered a ‘hub’ of ‘predators’ located just minutes from several schools, daycares & Widener University – leaving vulnerable children and college students at risk.

Minsec – a community residential center and alcoholism treatment program facility was the last known address for these offenders. Behind it’s discrete doors is a haunting corridor of jail-like rooms. 

The facility is located 0.2 miles from Widener Partnership Charter School; 0.2 miles from Widener University; 0.3 miles from Smarty Pants Academy; 0.4 miles from Future Gen Daycare; 0.6 miles from Chester High School; 0.7 miles from Stetser Elementary School; 0.7 miles from Kidz First Child Learning Center & 0.8 miles from Chester Upland School of the Arts.

One woman describes the disturbing structure as a ‘low-security prison’ that funnels predators from prison to the streets – alleging the state doesn’t want to foot the hefty bill to keep these predators in state prison.

“This is a low-security prison,” Donna C wrote in a scolding review. “They do nothing to help addicts or criminals re-enter society. You are fed jail food – those in there from state prison have more freedom because the state doesn’t want to pay for them to go back to prison,” she added.

The building is owned by Community Education Centers, which was acquired by The GEO Group – a Florida-based company that specializes in privatized corrections, detention, and mental health treatment. 

The GEO Group tells us they don’t decide what predator goes where.

“The three customers we contract with for the Chester facility are the Pennsylvania DOC, Delaware County Behavioral Health & Mental Health Court,” Monica Hook of The GEO Group told us. “These agencies determine eligibility for facility placement. We do not confirm placement or discuss residents with the general public.”

Widener University declined to comment. Requests for comment to Chester-Upland School District went unreturned.

Scroll through the gallery below for information on each wanted offender. If you know where any of the absconding offenders might be, call 866-771-3170.

Phillip Jones was charged with indecent assault in 2007. He was convicted in 2008. According to authorities, he last reported to his supervision appointment in 2018. 

View Phillip Jones’ Megan’s Law Profile Here!

Jerome Williams was charged with rape in 1998. He was convicted later that year. Following his release from prison in 2013, Williams slithered over to the shelter – but vanished after Aug. 24, 2018. It is unclear how long he resided there.

View Jerome Williams’ Megan’s Law Profile Here!

Allan Ross Stinger was charged with rape & involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a minor in 2010, but the incident happened in 2002. Following his prison release in 2016, the sick psychopath stuck around for approximately two years before vanishing on Aug. 2, 2018. 

View Allan Ross Stinger’s Megan’s Law Profile Here!

William Edward Wright III was charged with sexual assault in 2008. He was convicted in 2009. Following his prison release sometime around Jan. 5, 2018, the monster absconded on Jan. 16, 2019. 

View William Edward Wright’s Megan’s Law Profile Here!



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