Thursday, March 23, 2023
Thursday, March 23, 2023

    Suspect sought after animals found burning alive in trashcan

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    Authorities are searching for clues after finding several opossums burning alive in Trainer, Pa., according to Justice Rescue — and they’re offering a $1k award for information leading to the arrest for the twisted culprit.

    Just after dusk on Oct. 14 Trainer Borough Police responded to the area of 3rd St. for reports of a garbage fire.

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    Arriving officers heard the helpless animals inside a fully-engulfed trashcan fire.

    “Police found a plastic trash barrel that was recently set on fire with multiple opossums alive inside, left to burn. The opossums were still moving, covered in melted plastic from the burned trash can and trying to escape. Unfortunately, two of the opossums died shortly after police arrived. Trainer Police Officers noticed one baby opossum had made it out of the trash barrel,” Justice Rescue wrote on Facebook. “The baby opossum was still anguishing from being lit on fire but was still breathing.”

    Detective Jones from the Trainer Borough Police contacted Pennsylvania Humane Police Officer Russell Harper with Justice Rescue to assist in the investigation.

    Justice Rescue agents responded to assist Detective Jones with the collection of the corpses and physical evidence.

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    Trainer Fire Department was dispatched and assisted in cutting the melted trash can to recover the bodies of the opossums. Justice Rescue agents transferred the badly burned baby opossum to the veterinarian, however, this baby opossum died en route.  

    “This is about as bad as it gets and a horrific way to die. Anyone that can do this to an animal can do it to any life, including human. These opossums were only trying to eat and searching for food and a low life criminal heinously and senselessly tortured and killed them.,” Officer Harper said. “These criminals need to be brought to Justice. We hope that someone saw something or remembers something and no piece of information is insignificant.”

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