Friday, December 8, 2023
Friday, December 8, 2023
Friday, December 8, 2023

James O’Keefe Challenges Floridians to Blow the Whistle Against Corruption




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British politician Fuad Alakbarov penned the following poignant statement: “Every country needs its whistleblowers. They are crucial to a healthy society. The employee who, in the public interest, has the independence of judgement and the personal courage to challenge malpractice or illegality is a kind of public hero.”  

American activist, award-winning journalist and writer James O’Keefe could not agree more.  

O’Keefe’s call to action at the Road to 2020 Speaker Series sponsored by Women for Trump on Nov. 7, 2019 at the Christian Retreat Conference Center in Bradenton, Fla. was clear and compelling. As founder of non-profit organization Project Veritas, O’Keefe employs “end justifies the means” guerrilla tactics to expose corruption in both public and private institutions. He relies on insiders who are bold enough to blow the whistle on dishonesty.


While controversial, O’Keefe’s investigations have yielded irrefutable results, including the defunding of The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and the investigation and removal of two Clinton operatives. In 2018, O’Keefe bought Twitter’s shady “shadow-banning” (blocking a user’s content such that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned) tactics to light. In 2019 Project Veritas published leaked documents from conscientious insiders at Facebook, Pinterest, and Google showing plans to censor conservatives.  

O’Keefe, as Keynote Speaker, did not hold back his disdain for mainstream media, who has repeatedly proven ulterior motives and a complete lack of objectivity. His most recent book, American Pravda, My Fight For Truth In The Era of Fake News, which he signed for audience members during the event, includes overwhelming proof.  

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Cary Poarch, the CNN insider who blew the whistle on strong Anti-Trump agendas from the President of CNN, Jeff Zucker, is one notable example of media’s corruption. O’Keefe invited Poarch on stage to share his experience and appeal to the audience to follow his personal example in standing up for truth, despite the potential of suffering repercussions.

Poarch’s GoFundMe Page explains it well, in his own words.

“I was inspired to wear a hidden camera after I saw and heard information I believed the American people deserved to know, and saw the Facebook whistleblower from earlier this year. I reached out to Project Veritas and was provided a camera with which I recorded firsthand evidence of rampant bias across the network, and President of CNN Jeff Zucker’s personal vendetta against the President of the United States. I also recorded a number of longtime CNN employees, many of whom truly want to do their journalistic best, confessing that they are bothered by the bias and relentless drive for ratings that rule the network.” Poarch felt the American people deserved to know the true Anti-Trump agenda of President Jeff Zucker so they could make informed choices as consumers of media.

I reached out to Project Veritas and was provided a camera with which I recorded firsthand evidence of rampant bias across the network, and President of CNN Jeff Zucker’s personal vendetta against the President of the United States.

– Cary Poarch

O’Keefe also invited Eric Cochran, a software engineer who worked at Pinterest and brought their censorship into the spotlight. Cochran, working in conjunction with Project Veritas, obtained proof that Pinterest was actively suppressing Christian and pro-life content.

Although blowing the whistle cost Cochran his career, friends, salary and stock options, he looks back on his decision with pride and no regrets.  He solicited recruits from the audience to speak up and not be ruled fear.  Similar to Poarch, Cochran’s GoFundMe Page is garnering impressive levels of support, pointing to the growing admiration and approval of those willing to take a stand.

 From left to right: Eric Cochran, Cary Poarch, James O’Keefe

O’Keefe’s repeatedly challenged the events audience of 200 men and women to speak up when witnessing injustices. His appeals were underscored by #1 New York Times bestselling author Eric Metaxas, who also spoke at the event. 

Metaxas’ writings have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the New Yorker.  He served as a cultural commentator on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, and hosts his own nationally syndicated daily radio show hears on 300 stations nationwide. Metaxas shares O’Keefe’s opinion that media has allowed their personal biases and opinions to infiltrate their work to an obscene level.

A country founded on virtue and integrity has grossly drifted from its roots of truth. The speakers and event participants view President Trump to be the right man, in the right place, for a job long overdue.   

Eric Metaxes speaking to the crowd at Road to 2020 in Bradenton Florida on 11/7/19

Caroline Wetherington, founder of Women for Trump Florida, was pleased with the event and looks forward to future dynamic speakers to raise awareness among Floridians. Women for Trump Florida is a Judeo-Christian Faith-based Group of Patriots formed to support: “our President, our God, our country and our conservative values.” 

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