Tuesday, January 24, 2023
Tuesday, January 24, 2023

    🦠 Chinese government in hazmat suits CAUGHT ON FILM spraying down entire country to ‘disinfect’ region of the deadly coronavirus

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    Members of the Chinese Government — dressed in hazmat suits — were captured on film spraying down the entire country, earth shattering footage obtained by Your Content reveals.

    According to a Chinese government-owned newspaper, The People’s Daily, the video depicts the Chinese-men simply ‘disinfecting’ the city of Wuhan — featuring fire trucks and platoons of men in hazmat gear roaming the streets and spraying chemicals in the air.

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    The flashing emergency lights and clouds of mist create an interesting scene on what appear to be otherwise deserted streets.

    In another clip, men in hazmat suits run while rolling a wheeled liquid cannon down a street, covering storefronts in a white mist.

    Another man-portable variant of the “disinfectant” cannon is seen carried by several members of the hazmat crew. This version has a set of twin gas canisters that are mounted to the back of the user.

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    The footage seems to suggest that the Chinese government is launching a concerted, high-budget operation to spread some chemical substance — whether helpful or harmful — to allegedly ‘combat’ the Wuhan coronavirus, contrasting with early reports that characterized the virus as a minor infection.

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