Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Wednesday, May 31, 2023

    Harvey Weinstein ‘felt paralyzed’ after verdict, allegedly quipped: ‘Don’t do me like Epstein’

    » Harvey Weinstein was transported to Bellevue Hospital Center as a “precautionary measure” Monday after being found guilty of several crimes including rape and related charges.
    » According to two well-placed sources, Weinstein quipped 'an ill-attempted joke about Epstein' after being remanded.
    » An unidentified officer cracked a Hillary-Epstein joke, hinting Epstein had a better chance at survival. That’s when the gasping inmate claimed to have had chest pain, a second source told Your Content.
    » Weinstein was found guilty Monday of committing a criminal sex act in the first degree involving one woman and rape in the third degree involving another woman.
    » Sentencing is scheduled for March 11.
    » Sources close to the situation tell Your Content that Weinstein will leave the hospital at some point later this morning or early afternoon.

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    Harvey Weinstein — once movie mogul, now Inmate No.: 3102000153 — went into a panic-driven tantrum immediately after being whisked away in handcuffs, several sources revealed to Your Content.

    The stunning accusations come from two well-places sources who claim the convicted rapist was in an ‘all-out panic’ the moments leading up to his hospitalization Monday.

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    “Mr. Weinstein was partially processed just after 1:30 p.m. Monday at the court complex but he started complaining of chest pain while en route to Rikers,” a source who spoke only under the condition of anonymity told Your Content. “The thing is, he made an ill-attempted joke about Epstein before processing started. Nobody laughed.”

    “‘Don’t do me like Epstein!'” Weinstein allegedly quipped, a second source added, also under the condition of anonymity.

    “Mr. Weinstein obviously wasn’t prepared for a guilty verdict. His lawyers got quiet an earful before parting ways with him … that’s for sure.”

    “‘You f**king fools,’” an outraged Weinstein allegedly howled at his legal team post-arrest as he journeyed towards a room to be processed before being transported to Rikers Island, an individual who works for the New York City Department of Corrections said.

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    However, after a brief rant and tantrum, the doomed movie mogul was taken to Bellevue Hospital rather than Rikers.

    “‘Don’t do me like Epstein!'”

    Harvey Weinstein : Feb. 24, 2020

    “‘All the things I did were done without breaking the law — I did not break the law!'” Weinstein reportedly bantered. “‘All I want to do is retire. Get out in the islands and be left alone; I don’t want to bother anybody.'”

    The source claims a livid Weinstein threatened to fire and hire an entire new crew to represent him for sentencing on March 11.

    “If a video of what happened after he was out of the public eye existed it would easily be worth a million bucks and win an Oscar. If you thought R. Kelly on Gayle King was wild … this blows that interview away,” the source said. “This man was convinced that his lawyers ‘said they would stop the #MeToo movement dead in it’s tracks.'”

    “Mr. Weinstein told them they have until ‘yesterday’ to get him out. His exact words were: ‘I feel paralyzed.’

    Weinstein’s lawyers initially said they were working on assuring that he would be brought to an infirmary and placed in protective custody at Rikers Island — New York City’s main jail complex — “so that he can get the best medical supervision and care possible.”

    Instead, Weinstein wound up at Bellevue Hospital after a source claims that an unidentified officer quipped back at the cuffed mogul as they journeyed towards a mini-motorcade waiting to take him to Rikers, joking: “‘Even Hillary couldn’t save Epstein.'”

    “‘I feel paralyzed.'”

    Harvey Weinstein : Feb. 24, 2020

    But the remark became all too real for a ‘visibly nauseous’ Weinstein, according to the source.

    Weinstein ‘feels paralyzed’ after verdict, allegedly quipped- ‘Don’t do me like Epstein’ » Your Content
    An ambulance carrying Harvey Weinstein is escorted from a Manhattan courthouse. (📸: AP)

    “All I know is Weinstein started the whole Epstein joke. The officer was just trying to lighten the mood — I guess he thought Weinstein would laugh,” claimed the source.

    “Literally seconds after making the Epstein-Hillary joke, they thought he [Weinstein] was going to puke,” the source continued.

    The mini-motorcade then proceeded toward Bellevue, according to the insider, who also notes prison officials and those close to the fallen mogul downplayed the incident by telling outlets the hospitalization was ‘precautionary measure.’

    “From what I witnessed and heard over the radio, he literally clenched his nipple area and said he was having a heart attack when one of the guys made the Epstein-Hillary comparison. That’s when it went south,” the source said.

    The tantrum lasted just a few seconds but “felt like an hour” the source said.

    Harvey Weinstein was found guilty Monday of committing a criminal sex act in the first degree involving one woman and rape in the third degree involving another woman.

    Sentencing is scheduled for March 11. The convicted sex predator faces a minimum of five years and maximum of 25 years in prison. Sources close to the situation tell Your Content the convicted predator will leave the hospital at some point later this morning or early afternoon.

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