Monday, May 3, 2021
Monday, May 3, 2021

Trump supporter, 52, beaten by campus police outside of Bernie Sanders rally

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An on-duty Virginia Wesleyan College police officer body-slammed, chased and subsequently beat a 52-year-old man with a baton for supporting President Donald Trump outside of a Bernie Sanders rally at the college over the weekend, Your Content has exclusively learned.

Markus Gohring, 52, had journeyed with three pals to Virginia Wesleyan College for the event on Feb. 29.

“Mark was waving his Trump flag near the event entrance when a campus police officer approached him & told him he had to leave,” a sophomore who attended the event told Your Content. “The group complied with the officer’s request and walked back to their car in the parking lot.”

“An officer followed Gohring closely & told him he was ‘moving too slow,'” the Virginia Wesleyan student continued.

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As the 52-year-old was walking towards the car, Gohring reportedly asked why he was being escorted out. The campus patrolman called for additional units and what witnesses say the officer did next is even more shocking.

“The cop then grabbed his Trump flag & body-slammed him on the ground. The old dude got up and ran towards a Virginia Beach cop who was directing traffic,” the student continued.

The student says the campus cop caught up to Gohring before he could reach the intersection.

“Holding the baton in full-on combat mode, the cop swung a few times and hit the old guy probably three times before he fell down again,” the student continued. “Other campus cops quickly came and pulled the angry one off of the man.”

The event was initially described as an effort to utilize the presidential rally as a ‘learning experience’ the Virginia Wesleyan College.

“Even if you don’t agree with Bernie Sanders’ politics, being able to engage and talk with other individuals and talk with the campaign, seeing how a campaign works is very vital,” Brian-Patrick Kurisky, VWU’s director of civic engagement and service learning told WAVY.

According to two law enforcement sources, state and federal authorities are assisting local police.

“Officers from the Virginia Beach Police Department who were at the front of the property directing traffic were approached by Markus Gohring who appeared to have several visible injuries,” a law enforcement source told Your Content. “They radioed it in and it was assigned to a detective.”

Gohring is a known figure in the local Republican party, assisting disabled or immobile voters by ensuring they have transportation to and from rallies and on election day.

“He is a volunteer for the Republicans, registering people to vote and driving disabled people to the voting booth,” said a law enforcement source. “It takes a real group of cowards to attack someone like Markus.”

“The miscreant responsible for this senseless act of violence will soon face serious legal repercussions for his cowardly actions.”

But Gohring says this won’t stop him from continuing his campaigning for President Trump, his friends claim.

“This will not deter him from continuing to support Trump in the area and assisting anyone who asks,” said the friend. “No person should be treated like this at any event designed to unite Americans of all creeds. Hopefully they make an example of the security officers responsible.”

Your Content reached out to Virginia Wesleyan College and the Sanders campaign but neither provided comment in time for publication.

This is an ongoing investigative special. Stay with Your Content for the latest updates. Have a story or news tip? Contact our 24/7 newsroom at 833.336.8013 or e-mail our tip line: [email protected]

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confirmed cases
Updated on May 3, 2021 6:32 pm
united states
Updated on May 3, 2021 6:32 pm
united states
Updated on May 3, 2021 6:32 pm
united states
Updated on May 3, 2021 6:32 pm
confirmed cases
Updated on May 3, 2021 6:32 pm
Updated on May 3, 2021 6:32 pm
Updated on May 3, 2021 6:32 pm
Updated on May 3, 2021 6:32 pm

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  2. Thank you for reporting this. Seems our local TV news stations did not have time to report this. Perhaps they are so biased toward the left they don’t see wrong doing here. Shame on them. No wonder those who support the republicans don’t listen to them, but rather other TV stations.

  3. Cyberthieves still rely on human foot military

    Within minutes of casting their electronic bait they caught what they were hoping to find: A small Michigan company where an employee unwittingly clicked on an official looking e mail that secretly gave cyberthieves the keys to the firm bank-account.

    Before company executives knew what was happening, Experi precious metal Inc, A suburban Detroit making company, Was skint.

    In july, the main Catholic Diocese in Des Moines, Iowa, Lost with reference to $680,000 within two days. Officials there aren sure how hackers got within their accounts, But took all they could before the bank noticed what happening, to be able to Jason Kurth, Diocese vice chancellor.

    The diocese and the Detroit company were among dozens of individuals, Businesses and municipalities around the country victimized by one of the largest cybertheft rings the FBI has uncovered.

    In september, The bureau and its counterparts in Ukraine, holland and Britain took down the ring they first got wind of in May 2009 when a financial services firm tipped the bureau Omaha, Neb, Office to suspicious trades. subsequently, The FBI Operation Trident Breach has uncovered losses of $14 million and counting.

    Overall within the last few two years, The FBI has opened 390 cases against schemes that prey on companies that process payments electronically through the Automated Clearinghouse, Which holders 3,000 ventures every five seconds. in such cases, Bureau agents have bare attempted thefts totaling $220 million and actual losses of $70 million.

    But the court records of Operation Trident Breach reveal a surprise: for any high tech tools and tactics employed in these computer crimes, Platoons of low level human foot soldiers, termed mules, Are the vital cogs in the cybercriminals money machine.

    A dozen FBI criminal complaints filed in New York offer an inside look at how this cybertheft ring worked:

    carrying out work from Eastern Europe and other overseas locations, The thieves used malevolent software, often known malware, To infect the computers of unsuspecting users in north america by e mail. The malware infected e mails were written to looks like they came from a company manager or colleague who might send an e mail message to everyone in a company, Such as the head of hr.

    When the e mail recipient clicked on an embedded link to a website or opened an attachment, A Trojan horse virus called Zeus applied itself and gathered usernames, Passwords and financial account numbers typed by the victims for their own reasons computers. The hackers then used this information to move the victims money electronically into bank accounts set up in north america by the money mules.

    The money mules set up shell accounts to receive the money. Then they withdrew the funds from the shell accounts in amounts they thought were small enough to elude detection by banks and the police. now and again, The cyberthieves bombarded telephone numbers coupled to the targeted accounts with calls to block the company from calling to verify the transactions.

    The mules sent most of the stolen funds overseas in an electronic format to accounts controlled by the ring leaders; The mules usually kept 8 to 10 percent his or her cut.

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    like in the illegal drug trade, The ring leaders international reaped the big profits but relied on the mules to do the risky, sneaky work.

    regarding shell account, A mule had to walk into a bank, In full view of surveillance cameras and leave copies of personal recognition documents. The [url=]moldova dating sites[/url] ring leaders hid behind computer screens another country. On individual visas.

    Among the accusations in the FBI criminal complaints:

    One mule was an immigrant from Moldova who within a few months of her arrival in New York this year had opened at least six accounts using a trio of names. another mule, A Russian indigenous, Opened eight accounts at three numerous banks using five not the same aliases.

    The criminal networks used so many money mules that full time employers were needed. visas.

    A pair of Russian roommates coping with Brooklyn worked together. The other roommate opened accounts with fake names and false passports in New York and nj-new jersey this summer.

    This cybertheft ring zeroed in on individuals and small and medium sized businesses because they routinely have fewer computer security safeguards than huge companies. Among its marks: municipalities in Massachusetts and New Jersey, The account held by a hospital at a california bank and the computers of at least 30 customers of E Trade Financial Corp.

    Like a good number of victims, Experi Metal has sued its bank all over the thefts.

    legal counsel for Experi Metal, richard Tomlinson, Said the thieves emptied the company account and then tried to siphon another $5 million out through an empty savings of an Experi Metal employee. these people transferred another $1.34 million vendor bank shut down the mystery wire transfers, Tomlinson pointed out.

    According to court public records, group bank, kansas city based Comerica Inc, Has recovered all but company original balance of $560,000. Tomlinson said the bank should be liable for the particular business losses because the wire transfers were obviously dubious business hadn made any transfers in more than two years and never to Eastern Europe.

    Was caused solely by what of that (Experi steel Inc.) laborer, A lawyer for the lender wrote in a court filing. Criminal that accessed Experi Metal accounts surely could do so only because Experi Metal gave him its key.

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    “We’ve seen a 24% increase in daters sending online smiles during the last week, and on the internet messaging is up 16%. We think it’s [url=]moldova dating sites[/url] driven by the 30 55 year old set making New Year resolutions to get set on finding a partner, he said.A survey by the Pew Research Centre in the found 74% of single adults had used the internet to further their romantic interests. The same survey found that 15% of the majority knew someone who was in a long term relationship or had married someone they first met online.the average online dater on Findsomeone is 41, Has some tertiary studies, Is a non smoker and a social consumer. About 54% are [url=]beautiful moldova[/url] male and 46% woman’s. Typically daters in larger cities use dating foreign girls more intensively than smaller towns where personal networks are still strong (Full roadside assistance provided below).Findsomeone would have 250,000 active New Zealand members and is ran by Trade Me. Kiwi on the web daters sent around 15,000 emails and 7000 online smiles on New Years Eve.

  5. Online dating services Market 2018 Global Share

    Online online dating services have become extremely credible with increasing number of users [url=]beautiful moldova[/url] accepting the idea of meeting a random stranger through online online dating services. furthermore, The verification processes are tightened due to which there are very few fake profiles, Which make internet dating service a safe environment for the users. With increasing number of users opting for the membership model, Vendors do not share all their offerings in relation to their users who still use it for free. This has resulted in an extremely low chance of a match for freemium users, which makes them want to opt for a subscription model. With the steady revenue stream offered by the registration users to the vendor, They are tempted by the idea of tinkering with the matchmaking algorithm, Which would enable more users a subscription to their service.

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    The Asia Pacific will occupy for more share of the market in following years, specifically in China, Also fast growing India and Southeast Asia nations around the world.

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  6. 8 mistakes on women’s dating single profiles

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(Urban Dictionary describes it as lips trying to pout and a pucker having said that)But the second most common terrible profile facial expression is the wide open mouth giving the impression of the dude in that painting “The howl, I aren’t getting it. think your tonsils are sexy? I ought not see the white plaque buildup on your tongue and I’m pretty sure the fellas don’t either. Let’s keep our mouths shut in picture, we could?this particular Frisky: 4 myths about women that aren’t true2. when you’re shallow, Your answerers will be too: Only in addition, Because they’re men. One profile i recently found started out her “when it comes to Me” Section with three long grammatical construction about how hot she is, What her dress dimension is, And what her physical designs are for a dude.asap, Having personal preferences is normal, obviously, But if you make it clear that your looks are beauty of you and that the thing you care most about in a partner is how he looks, The only dudes who will be interested are a bunch of meathead y losers who will break up with you the second you gain an ounce.If you are be shallow, Be more subtle to sort it out; That way you attract someone that meets your physical “quality” But isn’t a total shallow, light,light jerk.each of our Frisky: 10 signs he’s definitely into you3. cool down it, With tremendous EXCLAMATION points and ALL CAPS, Because it makes you sound immature and possibly DUMB and definitely annoying. the chances are you’re not! Or you may be! But you’ll want to hide that, better,4. only just say no to sepia: I’ve noticed that a life threatening amount of women post photos of themselves that are sepia toned. why should you? Are you trying to hide because you have an uneven skin tone or acne? it’s not always 1892. Color photos only, Frisky: 6 steps for coming to a man fall madly in love5. in a natural manner quirky is good; Trying too hard to differ is annoying: absoluetly certain, You absolutely want your profile to describe your interests and what your sense of humor is like. That’s why blend being sincere while still funny and approachable is the perfect balance.for the other hand, Many internet daters (folks) hold the “practical my quirks” Thing beyond the boundary. showing that you “Usually don’t wear shoelaces, however if I do, They are largely always untied, Is adorably unchosen, While writing your entire profile in a weird hybrid of English and some language you made up yourself is just weird.i would say the Frisky: 15 lies we must stop telling each other6. Don’t over reflect it: note, Your profile is the first impression you’re making before someone ever speaks to you, much less meets you in person for a first date. And kinds of person do you like to go on first dates with? sort, brainy, engaging, of course, in addition to fun.So if you are writing your profile, Don’t over think it you can convey you’re smart without listing every obscure book you’ve ever read or laying out your point of view on the last 20 years of American history. you can aquire to that on date number two. at the moment, When re-writing your profile, Don’t be too diagnostic. You’re planning to get a date, Not pass the bar exam.their Frisky: 20 items make a man7. SEXXXY usernames need to go: You may very well be a sexy lady. i don’t know because i don’t know you. But what I do know is that having some version of the word “naughty” In your stock portfolio name, You will attract sleaze balls who only want you rewards the advertiser,the item..8. Wipe away your rips: Don’t advertise that you “Cry plenty of, Dudes hate sobbing. They’ll have problems with it if you’re their girlfriend, But we aren’t there yet, so are we?Follow these rules and you might meet someone awesome. leastwise, considerably more,you’ll find a gal like me admiring your profile and wishing we were friends. which is awesome.

  7. This is a horrible incident and an assault that should never have happened. However, the author of this article should do better research as Virginia Wesleyan University (not college as reported) does not have a police department.They have unarmed guards (batons and spray and I believe taser but no firearms). This article should be updated and inform the readers accurately and appropriately. The security guard assaulted someone and should absolutely be charged/fired/sued.

  8. steps to create A Good Dating Service

    Everybody can’t live without this [url=]moldova dating[/url] incredible feeling, everybody needs love. You are prepared for great deeds, You choose to tear down the walls and build the bridges for love. But looking for someone with whom you can share life on a deep and intimate level, Tell all [url=]moldova women[/url] the fondest wishes and just be happy? Many people find love on adult dating sites. associated with, the truth is! The Internet expands your methods. Everyday much more time men and women make profiles at dating sites. and so, Your chances to find a life partner are daily growing. The more clients it has appropriate it is. If people go for it then it is the best answer possible. Also they must be intelligent and captivating persons. You need to avoid lame agencies desire to contact superior girls. If the site conceals it then you should think twice before selecting it. The honest company has nothing to hide and it gives everything right away.

    4. Is the site with breathtaking singles 100% legal? Always ask the site directors to confirm and reassure its users that their services do not break any laws, offshore and local. Too cheap or expensive prices are suspicious. They are either providing poor services or scams web page,in this situation.

    Dating site Step2love has all mentioned points organized on the highest level. Check by yourself and you will never doubt anymore which dating service to select.

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    PIII.750 mhzThe strange thing is I’ve just started having the same issue. I am running Windows XP Home edition and when I try to use FTP (all that is, to this point, which has this effect) It crashes to a blue screen and what it’s all about ” IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, At work [url=]moldova ladies[/url] the Windows NT PCs are having exactly the same problem (But not when looking for use FTP). in a way, All these complaints have occurred since a Microsoft security update. Has anyone else experienced this problem and does anyone know what to do,I’m also experiencing difficulty real [url=]moldova women[/url] similar. I have just formatted my hard drive and loaded windows 2000 high quality. Sometimes when I bring your computer up it immediatly shuts down once windows comes up. I have had gotten the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL message. So far I have loaded little back on to my computer. I found a page on Microsoft’s website it explains trouble as either a hardware or software conflict.Also this challenge seems to come and go, Some days I can use my computer all day without re booting, re also: IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL message restarts my Windows 2000 serverI emailed milliseconds, i have got copied their reply below. I believe it is the BT ADSL driver (commonly unsigned) That is causing my problem. I have contacted BT and I’m looking ahead to a response. I hope this is of some use to every person.In your case you have indicated which you will get the stop error “IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL,signifies that you are using a driver that is incompatible with Windows XP.Most likely as you suggest through your BT ADSL modem.First contact the software creator for Windows XP digitally signed drivers for this device and check all other as follows:.

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