Saturday, September 19, 2020
Saturday, September 19, 2020

Katy Perry reveals she’s pregnant and expects to give birth this coming summer

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Katy Perry has revealed that she is expecting a baby this coming summer, an exclusive video obtained by Your Content reveals.

“There’s a lot that will be happening this summer,” the 35-year-old superstar said at exactly 12:19 a.m. Thursday. “Not only will I be giving birth — literally — but also figuratively to something you guys have been waiting for.”

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“So lets just call it a double whammy, like it’s a two-for! Not four like the number, but f-o-r.”

The 35-year-old hit-maker revealed a burgeoning baby bump at the very end of her new music video released for Never Worn White released on Thursday. When asked if Never Worn White is the single for her new album, she said: “No. Let’s just call it the big reveal.”

This will be her first child with fiance Orlando Bloom as the 43-year-old actor is already father to nine-year-old son Flynn with ex-wife Miranda Kerr.

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“I am excited – we’re excited and happy and it’s probably the longest secret I’ve ever had to keep and I like to tell you guys everything but I know I would tell you in the best way which is through a piece of music cause I guess that’s how I speak to you,” Perry divulged to nearly 30 thousand live viewers. “I guess that’s how we speak with each other.”

“I had to reveal it at some point its getting pretty obvious,” Perry said, munching on dried mango and banana. “I’m very hungry, this is very true. Go watch the music video to know it’s very true,” Perry continued.

“Watch it all the way until the end and there’s a reveal that’s getting bigger,” she said.

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