Sunday, October 25, 2020
Sunday, October 25, 2020

‘Dr.’ Ben Carson OBNOXIOUSLY coughs on everyone at White House briefing

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Former presidential hopeful — now a coronavirus suspect — was caught on camera coughing like a hyped-up parakeet in the middle of a serious coronavirus press briefing at the White House, Your Content can report.

‘Dr. Ben Carson, neurosurgeon extraordinaire, coughing into his hands at a press conference about the coronavirus pandemic is appalling. Doctors are supposed to be role models during a health emergency. Instead, Dr. Carson uses his platform to carelessly showcase dangerous habits,’ said Dr. Eugene Gu.

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Dr. Gu graduated from Stanford University with honors and then from Duke University School of Medicine.

‘It was appalling to see Dr. Ben Carson coughing into his hands at this press conference, setting a horrible example for all Americans. Everyone should know better than this. But this is especially the case for a doctor speaking to the whole country on national television,’ Dr. Gu continued.

‘As a reminder, the best thing to do when you have to cough or sneeze is to do so into your elbow. That way, you can contain as many respiratory droplets as possible and also you don’t contaminate your hands when you touch other objects shared with other people like door handles.’

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What’s more, the no-nonsense doc organized an army of medical personnel to help combat the Cali coronavirus situation by providing free test kits straight to their door.

‘To address the coronavirus pandemic and the emergency declaration in California, we are now offering free coronavirus (COVID-19) screening, evaluation, and testing for all Medi-Cal patients in California. We are working on providing home testing kits to our patients who need it, but in the meantime we will evaluate you for your symptoms, write any medically necessary prescriptions, and arrange for you to be tested at an authorized facility closest to you,’ reads the telemedicine website Cool Quit. ‘Due to the high volume of requests during this state of emergency, we anticipate having to triage the patients with the worst symptoms and apologize in advance for any delays in getting back to you. Please note that this is for California patients only.’

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